Nintendo Switch OLED dock can be purchased separately through Nintendo

Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED dock will be available to purchase separately, Nintendo has confirmed.

The news comes from Digital Trends, where a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed to the outlet that the new dock that accompanies the Nintendo Switch OLED version would be available to purchase separately. Right now, we don't currently know how much the standalone dock will retail for or when it'll actually release.

However, you won't be able to purchase this standalone Switch OLED dock through third-party retailers. The Nintendo spokesperson revealed to Digital Trends that the dock will only be available to buy through the official Nintendo website, so you won't be able to find it through Amazon, Best Buy, or any other retailers.

It should be noted that the current and forthcoming Switch docks are easily interchangeable. If you purchase the new Switch OLED dock, you'll immediately be able to use it with the current Nintendo Switch, and you'll also be able to use the Switch OLED model with the current Nintendo Switch dock.

The real selling point to purchasing the new OLED dock is that it contains an ethernet port. Through this new dock, the Switch will finally have a wired internet connection available when docked, which is sure to drastically reduce download times and install times for games and new updates.

Nintendo finally revealed the Nintendo Switch OLED model yesterday on July 6, after months of anticipation and speculation. While numerous reports and claims of a Nintendo Switch Pro model using Nvidia chips for 4K upscaling had been swirling before the announcement, the new Nintendo Switch OLED model actually has the exact same tech specs as the current model. There are no resolution or frame rate enhancements, or even joy-con upgrades to be found with this new model.

The new Switch model will launch on October 10, alongside Metroid Dread, and will retail for $349.99. In fact, pre-orders for the new model are already open, and you can head over to our full Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order guide for information on where to reserve your unit right now.

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