Nier: Automata is coming to Nintendo Switch this October

Nier Automata
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Nier Automata is finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch on October 6.

At today's Nintendo Direct Mini dedicated to third-party games, PlatinumGames confirmed that its stellar action-RPG would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. It'll come with all additional content and cosmetics when it arrives, and there will also be a few Switch-exclusive cosmetics available at launch. 

In all, it's not a massive surprise that Nier Automata popped up during the showcase earlier today, June 28. As ever with Nintendo Directs, rumors circulated about the contents of the new showcase prior to it airing, and one rumor cut above the rest to claim that PlatinumGames's action-packed title would be making an appearance.

This rumor actually came from the person that predicted the Direct in the first place, accurately reporting that it would be a Nintendo Direct Mini focusing on third-party games. Considering their record, then, it made a lot of sense that Nier Automata would be showing up as a new Nintendo Switch title.

It's great to see Nier: Automata arriving on brand new platforms, even if it does come after multiple years of existing on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC systems. The 2018 game surpassed everyone's expectations when it first landed, going on to form a massive following throughout the world and an even more intense following for the game's writer and director, Yoko Taro.

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