Ni No Kuni errands guide

Errands [1-20]

Errand 001

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: White Bread (x3), 30 GuildersStamps: 2

Once you've defeated Hickory Dock, venture out near the waterwheel to find a man who can't help but be "meh" about just about everything. It's your job to collect enthusiasm from those you can find in the city to transfer to this man. Find three citizens with enthusiasm in the following locations: near the Very Swift Solutions shop, and the other two hanging around the palace.

Errand 002

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Chocolate (x3), Flan (x3)Stamps: 2

Similar to Errand 001, you will find the "idle wife" by Very Swift Solutions looking for enthusiasm. You'll find three townsfolk with enthusiasm nearby to spare, so gather it from them and transfer it to this woman. Find one citizen near the Very Swift Solutions Shop and the others around the palace.

Errand 003

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Sandwich (x2)Stamps: 2

After you've recruited Esther in Al Mamoon, you can find the Sheik of Spice over by the Swift Solutions Shop. He's in dire need of some enthusiasm, and it's your job to give it to him. This errand is required to later complete Errand 048.

Errand 004

Location: Al MamoonReward: Strong Coffee (x2), 100 GuildersStamps: 2

After recruiting Esther in Al Mamoon, you can find a boy here in an argument with another boy about a book. You'll need to find some kindness and transfer it to the bully.

Errand 005

Location: Al MamoonReward: Carrot Cake (x3)Stamps: 2

After recruiting Esther in Al Mamoon, head over to the inn. There's a merchant here who's too cowardly. He needs courage, so head north of the Swift Solutions Shop and grab some courage from a woman here.

Errand 006

Location: Castaway CoveReward: Fishburger (x2), 200 GuildersStamps: 2

Head out to Castaway Cove to find a fisherman who doesn't have the courage to go out fishing. You simply need to run ahead to the group of other fishermen to siphon some courage into this cowardly fisherman.

Errand 007

Location: Castaway CoveReward: Salted Ice Cream (x5), 200 GuildersStamps: 2

Before sailing off via the Sea Cow in Castaway Core (having already completing Errand 049) you can find someone looking for swimsuits in Castaway Core who needs restraint. Venture out to the quays to absorb the restraint and give it to the shopper.

Errand 008

Location: FairygroundReward: Ruby Ripple Ice Cream (x3), 300 GuildersStamps: 2

The first time you go to Hamelin, you'll happen upon a shopkeeper with a dilemma in the Fairygrounds. You'll need to travel to Ding Dong Dell to grab some kindness and then return to give it to the shopkeeper.

Errand 009

Location: FairygroundReward: Fairy Chocolate (x3), 300 GuildersStamps: 2

The first time you go to Hamelin, you'll find a fairy in the Fairygrounds who just can't get his comedy routine right, and he requires restraint. There's a citizen nearby who can provide it, so siphon that over to your fairy for a reward.

Errand 010

Location: HamelinReward: Pixie Dew (x2), 500 GuildersStamps: 2

There's a man in Hamelin who can only be accessed after approaching the Porcine Palace. He needs some extra kindness, so find some of the precious element to get to the poor man. You'll see this same NPC later for Errand 055, so this one is important to complete.

Errand 011

Location: HamelinReward: Drowsy Drops Gem, 500 GuildersStamps: 3

After the particular time travel event in Hamelin, find a shopworker who is continually bothered and corrected by his boss. Find restraint during your journey to past Hamelin and you'll be duly rewarded.

Errand 012

Location: HamelinReward: Babana Flan (x3), 500 GuildersStamps: 3

Find a man in Hamelin with plenty weighing on his mind. You'll need some courage to help this man out. If there's none in the area currently, make a quick trip to Al Mamoon to get your reward for helping out.

Errand 013

Location: HamelinReward: Game Pie (x3), 500 GuildersStamps: 3

Once you travel to the future again in Hamelin, there's a guard keeping people from coming or leaving the city. He needs the precious commodity of belief. Grab some form of one of the green dotes of Hamelin and collect.

Errand 014

Location: HamelinReward: Soft Scoop Ice Cream (x3), 500 GuildersStamps: 3

In the future of Hamelin, find a man near the waterwheel who's lacking in belief. Find some belief in the nearby citizens and return it to this man for a reward.

Errand 015

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Chocolate Bonbons (x3), 750 GuildersStamps: 3

In the future of Hamelin, you'll find a girl from Ding Dong Dell. She's needing some enthusiasm by the grave site near the upper half of the town. Find enthusiasm in Al Mamoon, Fairygrounds, Hamelin, or Castaway Cove and return to get her pepped right up.

Errand 016

Location: Ding Dong DellReward: Blunt Gem, 750 GuildersStamps: 3

In the future of Hamelin, you'll find two soldiers near the Cat King Castle. One requires courage. You will not be able to complete this errand until you've gotten to Yule in the Winterlands. So keep playing to unlock it specifically, the In Search of the Stones task. When you're able to take on that assignment, you can get into the Glittering Grotto and from there, Yule. Courage awaits here in droves. Gather what you need and get to the guard for a reward.

Errand 017

Location: Al MamoonReward: Frosty Flan (x3), 750 GuildersStamps: 3

In the future of Hamelin, you can find an anxious citizen of Al Mamoon by the Very Swift Solutions Shop. He needs some belief, which can be found near the castle plaza of Ding Dong Dell. Voila! You're ready for a reward.

Errand 018

Location: Castaway CoveReward: Rise and Shine Gem, 750 GuildersStamps: 3

In the future of Hamelin, you can find two brothers in Castawy Cove who just won't stop arguing. One has lost faith and trust in others and needs a dollop of belief. You should be able to find enough in the Fairygrounds to suit your needs.

Errand 019

Location: Skull MountainReward: Cheeseburger (x3), 1000 GuildersStamps: 3

Once you've tamed Tengri and possess a map to the Stones, you can find a cat girl in Ding Dong Dell who isn't being so kind to her friends. Gather some kindness for her in Yule. For instructions on how to do so, refer to Errand 016.

Errand 020

Location: YuleReward: Snow White Ice Cream (x3), 1000 GuildersStamps: 3

In Yule, you can find an igloo housing a man who has no more restraint. You'll need to travel to other areas to gather enough for the man. You can find some in Ding Dong Dell, specifically.


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