How to get the new Warzone killstreak Foresight and see all the circles

new Warzone killstreak foresight location find
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A new Warzone killstreak, Foresight, has appeared as part of the Call of Duty: Warzone season 6 update and it's controversial. Accused of being OP, it's already had its drop rate nerfed in Warzone to make it harder to find.  

The new killstreak Foresight can be found in Warzone loot boxes inside bunkers, and once found will show every circle on the map, which looks like this: 

(Image credit: metal389522/Activision)

It's an instant use pick up so won't take any space - you just find it, take it and all the circle locations are yours. 

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Where to find the new Warzone killstreak Foresight

(Image credit: Activision)

As we mentioned, you'll get the Foresight kill streak from Warzone bunkers, as a random drop from loot crates. Because getting into a bunker requires a little work anyway, which we cover in that link, don't expect to just pick up Foresight lying around. You're going to have to set out on a mission to get it. 

If you do decide to go for it and crack open a bunker then here's what it looks like in action to find and use Foresight, which happens around the 30 second mark below (thank to metal389522 for the images and video): 

Foresight field upgrade from r/Warzone

There's been some discussion around whether it was meant to be added given given how powerful an advantage it can give to players - the camping potential is rife for a team that can survive down to the final stages. Those smaller circles could be lethal if anyone knows what's coming. However, Infinity Ward has already responded by decreasing its drop rate in Warzone. 

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That means it's definitely an intentional addition, and the developers have realized it might just be a bit OP. The fact it only appears to drop from Bunker loot suggests it was already meant to be harder to get than any general in-game gear, but the move to reduce access to it even more only confirms that it's not meant to be something you see or use often. 

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