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New Transformers trailer officially online

Following this week's leak, the official third trailer for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen has now gone online and you can watch it below.

And our thoughts? Aside from worries that Michael Bay and his writing team have succumbed to the lure of stupid comedy again (check out Bumblebee's reaction to Sam's mention of college), it's giant f*****g robot goodness all the way.

We get a real close-up look at the Constructicons in their full-on Devastator form (he's the one sucking sand and everything else near the end) and, of course, Megatron.

The humans? Well, LaBeouf's in it and Megan Fox is as sexy as ever, even if Bay does stretch his fetishisation of her even further than normal, but we're thrilled to see plenty of new footage on display here.

Still reading? Stop and go watch. Then tell us what you think.