New The Last of Us 2 gameplay footage was shown at a GameStop event

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New gameplay footage from The Last of Us 2 was shown to lucky attendees of the GameStop Managers Show. The footage isn't available to the public just yet, but a Twitter user who leaked an image of the game's title screen on a projector is sharing a few precious details. And since Sony skipped out on E3 this year and left us parched for The Last of Us 2 news, we're lapping up the details like we're lost in the desert. 

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According to @Gaming_Forte, the footage shown at the GameStop show was brief, yet offered a "great vertical slice of gameplay." Apparently, the gameplay footage emphasized the use of stealth and "how you can use clickers to your advantage." That pretty much sums up the information revealed in the leak, but it's a positive sign that we'll learn more about The Last of Us 2 in the near future, possibly even a release date.

Asked when the footage would be made public, @Gaming_Forte replied simply, "Soon." In May, The Last of Us 2's co-director said the game was in the "final stages of development." With that in mind, we'd like to think a gameplay trailer would surely accompany, at the very least, a release window. There's already plenty of evidence to suggest it'll release next February, so we say it's high time Sony put an end to the matter and confirm a release date.

Speculation is growing that the new footage, along with an official release date, will be revealed in a trailer during the next PlayStation State of Play event on November 1. Although, some optimistic speculators suggest September 26, "Outbreak Day," will be when we finally see the footage and get a release date.

Hungry for more? Fine, we'll give - here's everything we know about Ellie, Joel, and The Last of Us 2. 

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