New pictures from The Amazing Spider-Man shoot

A new batch of on-set photos have emerged from the LA shoot of The Amazing Spider-Man , including a closer look at Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

Having previously been pictured appeared on set with her usual red hair, Stone is now fully in character as Stacy, sporting the character’s signature blond locks in these latest images.

The snaps show Gwen dressed all in black stepping into a chauffeur-driven limo. With all those black umbrellas on display, it looks rather like a funeral procession for somebody close to her…

Meanwhile, there’s also a chance to see Andrew Garfield getting to grips with the wire-work required for his role, crouching atop a lamppost for what looks like a plain-clothes bout of web-slinging.

And anyone questioning whether Garfield looks too old for the part should refer to the image in which he rides a skateboard. Who cares if he looks in his late twenties? The kid can grind!

The Amazing Spider-Man is released in the UK on 4 July 2012.

George Wales

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