New Gerry Anderson Show Launches On Kickstarter

Today sees the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the pilot episode of a new series from the mind of Gerry Anderson, the man behind such classics as Thunderbirds , Captain Scarlet and UFO .

Firestorm is based on a concept by the late TV legend that was originally produced in anime form by a Japanese company. It saw release across Japan and South East Asia in 2003. Redeveloped by Anderson Entertainment, the new version returns to Anderson's original synopsis and story outlines.

Set in the 22nd Century, Firstorm shows us a future Earth utopia threatened by terrorism. World leaders retaliate with the creation of Storm Force, an organisation equipped with cutting-edge tech. The series follows the adventures of of SF9, the 9th division of Storm Force, battling terrorist group Black Orchid as part of Operation Firestorm.

Anderson Entertainment aim to bring the series to the screen with a new filming technique they call Ultramarionation, an evolution of Anderson's fabled Supermarionation of the '60s. It will combine puppetry, practical effects, physical sets and model miniatures.

“Developing Firestorm ready to be filmed in Ultramarionation has been an absolute joy," says Anderson's son Jamie, managing director of Anderson Entertainment. "Film-making methods like practical effects, the expert use of miniatures and puppetry were pioneered by the incredibly talented teams at AP Films and Century 21 on shows like Stingray , Captain Scarlet , Space:1999 and Thunderbirds and it will be my pleasure to bring them back to the screen for a 21 st century audience."

The campaign aims to raise a minimum of £49,000 to produce a 5-8 minute "minisode". For more information, head to

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