New FromSoftware PS5 exclusive called Velvet Veil may have leaked, but the rumors are shaky

(Image credit: Sony / From Software)

A new FromSoftware rumor indicates the Dark Souls studio has a new PS5 exclusive coming after Elden Ring, but the whole thing is worth tucking into a barrel of salt and letting cure for a while before you get your hopes up.

The rumor (as spotted by OPAttack) comes from Ruancarlo Silva on Twitter, who explains in Portugese about a project in the works at FromSoftware codenamed "Velvet Veil." According to this source, Velvet Veil is being created in collaboration with PlayStation Studios and planned as a PS5 exclusive. While it sounds like it won't directly tie in with any previous FromSoftware projects, it is considered a spiritual successor to Bloodborne. Silva then provided an image that shows a previous Reddit conversation with their apparent source, where the leaker discussed details about Elden Ring, a Dark Souls Remaster, and Deracine all before they were announced.

Now here's where it gets complicated. According to Reddit user e_0, they're the one who shared the conversation which Silva cites as proof of the leaker's previous accurate calls - but e_0 did not post anything about Velvet Veil. They're not saying the rumors about Velvet Veil itself are false, just that they're not involved with them. But if the image that serves as the bedrock for why we should believe anything about this alleged Velvet Veil leak isn't actually related to the Velvet Veil leak, then the whole thing gets shaky very quickly. There's also a 4chan thread that was posted shortly before Silva's Twitter thread and shares many of the same details, but it doesn't say anything about those Reddit DMs - and it's rarely a good idea to just believe anything you read on 4chan.

Ultimately, it looks like there's more reason to be dubious about this Velvet Veil leak than there is to believe it, at least for the time being. Even if we put the Velvet Veil rumors firmly in the "hmmmmm" pile for now, FromSoftware fans already have a lot to look forward to with Elden Ring after it finally resurfaced at E3 2021: director Hidetaka Miyazaki reckons it will take you about 30 hours to get through Elden Ring "without a lot of detours," and new players may have an easier time getting through the game than Demon's Souls and the like thanks to all of its of new character build options.

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