New Falcon and The Winter Soldier clip has fans thinking Captain America is dead

A new Falcon and The Winter Soldier scene released by Marvel has fans doubling down on a longstanding theory: Captain America dies before the events of the upcoming Disney Plus series.

The clip, titled "What’s The Plan" sees Sam and Bucky bickering over the strategy for an unknown operation. Amid all the locking of horns, however, are a few crucial lines that could be a nod towards a tragic passing.

"Enjoy your ride, Buck," Sam tells The Winter Soldier. “You can’t call me that,” Bucky replies. Sam points out that Steve called him that – though Bucky reaffirms it was only because “Steve knew me longer.”

In case you hadn’t noticed, they’re talking about Steve Rogers – best known to the world as Captain America – in the past tense. Perhaps that’s not a surprise given Avengers: Endgame ending with Old Cap seemingly having spent the better part of six decades with his flame, Peggy Carter. Still, fans are worried that Captain America has passed away by the time we reach Marvel Phase 4.

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This isn’t the first time that Falcon and The Winter Soldier has perhaps hinted a little too heavily at Cap shuffling off his mortal coil. The recent Super Bowl trailer sees Sam looking pensive and dressed all in black while a banner of Steve Rogers looms behind him.

We should find out soon enough whether Cap is still with us. Falcon and The Winter Soldier’s premiere airs on Disney Plus on March 19. For more on what’s coming to the MCU, check out our guide to new Marvel TV shows.

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