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Netflix is rumoured to be developing The Elder Scrolls into a TV series

The Elder Scrolls Online
(Image credit: Bethesda)

The Elder Scrolls might be the next big gaming franchise to be adapted into a TV series.

According to industry insider Daniel Ritchtman (£) (thanks, Game Rant), Netflix is looking to adapt the fan-favourite franchise in a bid to capitalise on the success of shows like The Witcher and Castlevania.

Though only a rumour at present, it's a plausible tease, not least because we already know that another Bethesda franchise – this time Fallout 4 – is already being adapted by Westworld showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan for Amazon. As Bethesda, Microsoft and Netflix have yet to respond to the rumour, however, all we can do is take the news with a sceptical dollop of salt.

In related news, Elder Scrolls 6 could be an Xbox Series X/PC exclusive, Phil Spencer all but confirmed recently.

Spencer was asked about Microsoft's recent acquisition of ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda and id software, the publishers of Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout, Doom, and many more high-profile franchises. Naturally, we all wondered if that meant that games like the highly-anticipated Elder Scrolls 6 could be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC.

“Is it possible to recoup a $7.5 billion investment if you don’t sell Elder Scrolls 6 on the PlayStation?” Spencer was asked, who quickly replies with, "yes." Spencer elaborates after a pause, making sure to point out that the ZeniMax acquisition "was not done to take games away from another player base like that".

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