Nearly 2% of all Diablo 4 player deaths are to a single boss

Diablo 4 official keyart showing Lillith
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Nearly 2% of all player deaths in Diablo 4 have been caused by a single boss. 

It's already been over a week since Diablo 4 launched, and to celebrate, Blizzard has given us an insight into what players have been up to in Sanctuary over the first seven days, which includes being slain by the Butcher - the series' iconic and extremely tough boss - a heck of a lot of times. 

The Diablo 4 week one launch stats show that players met their end a combined 316,991,632 times. 5,792,063 of these were at the hands of the Butcher, making him responsible for almost 2% of all player deaths in Diablo 4 so far. 

"I have added to that stat many times," one Diablo 4 fan wrote on Twitter. Another replied: "He is a damn sponge and hits like a truck. I leave the dungeon and re-enter. He has no business being that tough." A third revealed their rather unconventional approach to encounters with the powerful foe. "I just put my controller down when I run into the Butcher," they said. "I literally can't touch him."

Elsewhere, Diablo 4 fans have played the action-RPG for a combined 276 million hours in the first week, defeated a whopping 2.73 billion monsters in the process, and the spell-slinging Sorcerer has proven to be the most popular class. 6,263 players have managed to make it to level 100, and more impressive still, 163 have managed to reach max level in Hardcore mode.

While these are undeniably strong figures, they're not all that surprising as Diablo 4 is Blizzard's fastest-selling game to date, having grossed the "highest pre-launch unit sales ever on both console and PC" in just four days.

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