NCAA Football 13 walkthrough Beginners guide

NCAA Football 13 is great for all the football fanatic. Especially if college ball is what gets you up on Sunday mornings, NCAA lets you get inside the game of your favorite schools. You can toss in the disc, pick a team and start landing touchdowns like a veteran senior. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve played a football title, stepping into NCAA Football 13 can be just as intimidating as top tier NASA science. NCAA has dozens of plays, tons of coaches, teams, players and enough statistics rival the 2012 census.

Yeah, the game can seem a bit daunting. But that is where we come in. Below you will find some entry level tips to help get your throwing finger into shape and really nail down that tackle button. You will find a breakdown of the various modes within the game and ways to use them to help improve your footballing skills. Before long you’ll be kicking nothing but 50-yard field goals.


This is your likely entry point in NCAA. It’s your basic game mode where you can pick two teams and have them go at it. It may seem like a simple mode and, really, it is, but it also offers a lot of room for practice and growth. Exhibition matches can be set up however you like and is something you should take advantage of in your early time with the game.

Want to play as the best team in the league versus the worst? That can be done. How about stacking the rules in your favor? Sure. Below are a few helpful tips for exhibition matches that will help you further your NCAA career.

  • Take the time to learn your teams. Everyone has their favorites but it pays to be in the know on all opposing teams as well. NCAA does a great job of summarizing a team’s stats into three categories. A brief look at these can give you some basic information on what to expect during the game.
  • Getting serious with NCAA means learning plays and players. Running exhibition matches is a great way to do this. You can test out catchers, find those plays that work best for your team and nail down exactly the type of style you’re going for.
  • Game going rough? How about exploiting the rules to make the match go more your way. Although not the fairest option, it works. You can alter how the game will play by using the sliders to lower or raise various stats. Make your QB throws perfect or crank up your kickers ability and score field goals from across the field. The slider giveth and it can also taketh. If the game is a little too easy for your skills, you can also make things a bit more challenging.