NCAA Football 13 walkthrough Beginners guide

Road To Glory

If you are looking to be the star of your own private football movie and lead your team to victory, look no further than this mode. Here you can create a player that is just like you (or nothing like you) and mold him through his years into the best player in the NCAA. Remember that you are just starting out and, like anything else, it takes time to build and shape your star into the ideal player. Give him a little time, practice with him, play him as much as you can and before you know it he’ll be on his way to football fame.

  • You have various ways you can play your created player but it will pay off if you focus in on one or two specific paths. This will help you character become a focused star who really shines in key areas rather than an average jack of all trades.
  • Patience is key. You can't create your player and expect great things immediately. Spend time developing his skills like you would with a RPG character. It won't be long before you see improvements.
  • Just like other game modes there are plenty of options you can change if you are looking to accomplish specific goals. Breaking records often takes time, so it pays to lengthen each quarter to 15 minutes, for example. This increase will let you participate in more plays, complete more passes and touchdowns as well as help to increase your characters abilities overall. The added time also works in your favor when looking for achievements such as Unstoppable or Go for Broke

Heisman Challenge

This mode isn't too far off the path of the Road to Glory mode. Here you’ll take control of famous players who’ve won the Heisman Trophy. This mode is packed with challenges that pave the way to this player winning the Heisman again.

For the most part you will be playing normal games with this extra player. The goal is to recreate his finest moments and lead your team to obtaining a Heisman Trophy with him in the roster. There are not too many differences to speak to set this mode apart from Road to Glory.

So most tips for the Heisman Challenge are the same as most other modes. Take time to learn your team and players, find the plays that work well for the team you have and against the teams you play against. Also remember to take the time to practice your players when some skills need refinement.