NCAA Football 13 walkthrough Beginners guide


This mode seems so simple that a lot of people may skip over it. You’ll be making a huge mistake. Practice mode lets you try out plays repeatedly until you have it down to a science. Learning how to manipulate your players to maximize their unique abilities and mastering the game’s control system are the keys to gridiron dominance. Practice mode paves your way to being the ultimate armchair quarterback.

  • Running plays is simple and fast here. You can home in on the plays that really work for you and get a good feel for how other plays work. Practice makes perfect, and this mode is where you put in the time that leads to glory on the field. Players react differently in various situations and Practice is where you can put you Sunday warriors through their paces and really learn what makes them tick. Knowing how each will react in different situations is a huge benefit.
  • NCAA has a deep controls system. Practice is the best spot to learn them. Run a dozen Field Goal kicks to master your footwork or run dozens of passes until you are dancing across the field like a ballerina, a 300-pound, tough-as-nails ballerina. This mode lets you really get a handle on the control scheme, which is vital to kicking field goals and your opponents’ butts.

Dynasty Mode

Dynasty mode is where you want to go if you are looking for the in-depth NCAA experience. You will play seasons with your team, molding them to perfection. Recruitment and practice are extremely important and taking the time to learn the ins and outs of your team is crucial. If you are looking to tackle this mode you better prepare yourself. It can be very a lot to handle dealing with all the players and statistics for each. Add on recruitment and managing your season and things can seem somewhat overwhelming. Below are some tips to help you focus on what really matters.

  • There are a lot of statistics! Fortunately for you, we can narrow it down a bit. Just use some common sense. A Quarterback is going to want a high throw power, throw accuracy and a reasonable speed. Receivers are going to want high catch ratings and a high run speed so they can dodge incoming tackles. Narrowing down what is important for a given position can really make the stats more manageable.
  • Recruitment and scouting will play a big part in forming your team. Make sure you scout out players ahead of time and use the tools available to you to learn as much as you can about them. Two players may seem similar on the surface but could play totally differently. The game gives you options, like directly speaking with the player, to help you figure these differences out.
  • Dropping some players as you recruit new ones is going to be a necessity. Sadly the player who has a 60 throw rating simply cannot compete with the new recruit with an 80. Your team can only have so many players, so as you bring in the top tier talent you will have to cut the stragglers.
  • Do not fret if your team seems to be struggling early on. Dynasty mode is about the long haul. Give your team time to shape up and they may surprise you. A few new recruits and some practice time with the new blood can change everything.