How to nail all 50 Stunt Jumps in Grand Theft Auto 4

As GTA 4 and its episodes are now backwards compatible on Xbox One, we've taken the opportunity to blow the cobwebs off one of our classic guides. Here, you'll find maps and instructions for how to complete all 50 stunt jumps across Liberty City, as well as videos showing every jump in action. Grab yourself a fast vehicle and get started!

Jumps 1-5

The first five are quite easy - just remember to get a long enough run-up and you'll be fine. Three and four are consecutive - but be careful to remove the exploding barrel from the alleyway entrance BEFORE you take your run-up.

We've numbered the stunt locations here - all of these are in Broker, the first area of the city, so you can get going on these right away.

Now check out the video to see where the run-ups are.

Jumps 6-10

The next set of jumps are also in Broker, and pose little challenge, except perhaps for jump 9, which requires a lot of speed, but doesn't have a clear landing point. Just follow our video and you should be fine.

Remember, you can always set a waypoint on the map screen and then catch a taxi if you don't fancy driving between them all. It doesn't cost that much, even if you skip the journey.

Jumps 11-15

One more in Broker first. Incidentally, it's worth saving your game at the safehouse every now and then, and making sure you load the right file as you don't want your jumps to be undone by an unsaved game.

Head across the bridge to the north (remember to pay the toll!) and you'll get to Bohan, the smallest of the four islands. There's a neat double-jump here for 14 and 15 - just remember not to go too fast over the first jump or you'll overshoot the next one.

Check the video for the exact lines you'll need.

Jumps 16-20

OK, so we missed jump 16 first time around. Head back to Broker and get this one out of the way. It's an odd jump, as it only seems to head directly into a wall. We feel sorry for the guy we crushed here. Honest.

OK, now you'll need to have cleared enough missions to open up the next island - Algonquin. It should only take you about 5 hours or so, depending how fast you play. It's not an exact science, especially if you stop for some warm coffee with Michelle. There are several jumps hidden around the north of Algonquin. Some of them are very tricky, as most require a lot of speed to get right. Again, check the video to see the optimum run-up.

Jump 17, in particular, requires a lot of speed for it to register as good enough. Exactly what the criterion is for success is anyone's guess.

Jumps 21-25

There's a well-hidden one here (jump 22), which requires access to the unfinished railway track suspended above the city. We've marked the entrance on the map, but check the video to make sure you've got the right path. There's very little grip on the train track, so be careful to get your line right as you tackle the left kink.

Apart from that, it's all about speed. Traffic can get in the way, so you might need a few attempts down the main stretch, but you'll get there soon enough.

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