These Squid Game Halloween costumes are shipping just in time

Squid Game Halloween costume
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You've got just over a week to sort your Squid Game Halloween costume ahead of the big night, but with so many options flying off the shelves and delivery dates moving further and further into November it's getting more difficult to guarantee an outfit. Netflix's hit thriller has soared in popularity since release, and it looks set to take over the spookiest night of the year as well. 

However, with many Squid Game Halloween costumed being shipped from China, you might need to keep an eye on the timer to make sure your kit will arrive before the big night. We're still a couple of weeks away from Halloween, but we're already seeing those delivery dates slipping into November in some instances. 

This means you'll want to sort your Squid Game Halloween costume as soon as possible, and hope that time is on your side when you pull the trigger.

We've found all the costumes that are still in stock and ready to ship in time (at the time of writing). Not only that, but you'll be able to put your whole outfit together for under $50 / £40, and even less if you're thrifty enough (and have a few spare red or green hoodies lying around).

Remember to double-check the delivery date before you hit the checkout here, as those dates can shift considerably, even weeks away from the main event. That said, you'll find all the remaining Squid Game Halloween costumes still available for timely delivery just below.

Squid Game halloween costumes US


Squid Game Worker / Manager / Soldier costume | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$39.99 at Amazon
The shipping times on these jump suits is rapidly heading further into November, but there is a chance that this Neota brand costume will arrive before Halloween. You're getting both the suit and the mask here, but you'll have to be quick to get lucky with shipping.


Squid Game Player costume | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$39.50 at Amazon
Right now this Squid Game Player costume is ready for delivery well ahead of October 31 (though that will depend on your state and how quickly you get to it). That's perfect if you're planning on attending as Kang Sae-byeok, but this is a unisex tracksuit as well.


Squid Game Worker / Manager / Soldier mask | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$16.99 at Amazon
If you're feeling crafty (and already have a jumpsuit to hand) you can simply pick up this $16.99 mask and you're good to go. At the time of writing, this item will arrive comfortably in time for Halloween, though you will have to pay a little extra.


Squid Game Front Man mask | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$27.86 at Amazon
Prices are starting to rise on items that will still make it to your door in time for Halloween, so this $27.86 Front Man mask is one of the cheapest options up for grabs. This model has free delivery between October 25 and 29 at time of writing, though that will depend on where you are.

Squid Game halloween costumes - UK


Squid Game Worker / Manager / Soldier costume | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">£31 at Amazon
We're also seeing the options for Squid Game Halloween costumes slipping by in the UK, but this £30 jumpsuit is still comfortably shipping ahead of the big night. Plus, you get the mask and gloves with this option, which isn't guaranteed with other costumes.


Squid Game Player costume | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">£28.99 at Amazon
There's a range of numbers to choose from for this cheap Squid Game Halloween costume, so you'll be able to kit out the whole squad. Plus, we're currently seeing a timely October shipping date here as well, but you might have to move quickly as interest and demand intensifies.


Squid Game Front Man mask | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">£3.50 at Amazon
If you're looking to spend as little as possible on Halloween this year, this Front Man mask is just £3.50 at Amazon. There are a range of other options up for grabs from this seller, like worker, manager, and soldier masks, and they will all ship in time if you're quick.

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