Moon Knight director can see Oscar Isaac being part of the MCU for "10 years"

Moon Knight
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Director Mohamed Diab revealed his hopes for Moon Knight's future in the MCU in an interview with SFX Magazine.

Oscar Isaac stars as the titular Moon Knight, a mysterious superhero with dissociative identity disorder who has multiple personas and identities. The arguably underrated comic book character is set to make his official MCU debut in just one week, and Diab is already looking ahead.

“I dream and wish for a film," Diab says. "But with Marvel, the way they play it, it’s not like you graduate into a film. You can go into a film and come to a TV show and go back."

Several Marvel heroes have starred in a feature film before getting their own wildly successful spin-off show on Disney Plus, but Moon Knight is headed to the small screen first. Diab hopes that the show's success will lead him to star in a Marvel movie, a desire echoed by showrunner Jeremy Slater who previously shared his wish for Moon Knight to join the Avengers.

Diab continues, "It’s like a crazy world. Even with the successful shows, like WandaVision, they’re not doing season two. She jumped into a film, maybe she’s going to come back or not. I don’t know. And that’s exciting."

Another example of this is Loki, who made his debut in Thor, and went on to star in several Avengers movies before getting his own Disney Plus series – and now there's a Loki season 2 on the cards. 

Diab is confident in Moon Knight's staying power, citing the massive amount of hype the show has received already as proof. 

"But I can tell you for a fact, I can see him in the next 10 years, not just the next film," he says. "He’s a very interesting character. He’s probably the most interesting character for any actor to play. Oscar is doing a great job. People already like him even from the trailer. I think the show’s going to resonate with people, so I see him staying for a long time."

Moon Knight is set to hit Disney Plus on March 30. For more on SFX’s massive Moon Knight interview, plus a whole lot on the upcoming Halo TV series, be sure to pick up the latest issue of SFX – available March 23. You can also take advantage of our cut-price digital and print bundles and take SFX wherever you go.

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