Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weakness, tactics and strengths

Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weakness
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The main Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weakness is fire and poison effects as well as targeting the neck and head with whatever attacks you have to hand. The Khezu is a monstrous subterranean tapeworm wyvern, and its extending neck and lightning attacks can prove challenging for players who aren't used to fighting it. We'll go through all the Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weaknesses below, along with some strategies and tactics for fighting them.

Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weaknesses and tips

Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weakness

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Monster Hunter Rise Khezu weaknesses are few and far between, but make a big difference if you know them. Here's our best advice:

  • Use Fire. The Khezu is weak to elemental Fire attacks. If you have a weapon with flames on, bring it! It's the biggest advantage you'll get.
  • Don't use any other element. The Khezu is completely immune to Thunder attacks, and resistant to all other elements. Better to bring in an unflavoured weapon and rely on regular damage than trying to hurt it with Ice or Dragon attacks.
  • Try poison. The Khezu is very vulnerable to the poison affliction. All weapons have poison variants, so try bringing some of those if there's no good fire options for you.
  • Aim for the head and neck. Unsurprisingly, the Khezu's disgusting front-half is where it takes the most damage. However, this is where its most dangerous attacks come from, so play defensively and keep a Monster Hunter Rise wirebug ready for evasion.
  • Defend against Thunder. Khezu's attacks are all electrical, so find some of the Monster Hunter Rise best armor that defends against Thunder damage, and have some Nulberries ready for curing paralysis.
  • Beware the neck! The Khezu can extend its neck to bite enemies that would normally be out of range. If you're even relatively close, don't assume you're safe.
  • Ranged attacks have the advantage. The Khezu is a lumbering brute with few good ranged attacks, so archers and ranged fighters will have an advantage. If you've mastered more than one weapon type, go for the one that'll hit from a distance.
  • Blinding effects don't work on the Khezu. Flash Bombs and similar are useless here, because it doesn't have any eyes to blind.
  • If it latches onto the ceiling, you can knock it down. If fighting it in a cavern, Khezu will sometimes latch onto the ceiling and try to attack from a distance. Pouring enough damage into it will cause it to fall, and prevent the powerful AOE smash it triggers when it leaps back down.

So… yeah, the Khezu is pretty disgusting, but these tips will go a long way to helping you get rid of this aberration. Fire is definitely the biggest and most accessible advantage here, so anybody who can get it, should get it. If you need some more help, our Monster Hunter Rise tips will go a long way to helping you deal with any threat, not just HR Giger's take on Audrey Two mentioned above. 

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