MGS3 dev explains 'Metal Gear Solid Triangle' confusion, but can't stop fans from clowning on it

Metal Gear Solid 3 Delta screenshot
(Image credit: Konami)

Metal Gear Solid fans want to know what the deal is with the triangle that appears following the game’s title on the Snake Eater remake announcement.

Konami has confirmed the rumours that a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is on the way with a questionable trailer at PlayStation Showcase. Everyone is all very excited, naturally, as reports on the project have been kicking around since 2021. It’s just, is the triangle necessary? Following some collective confusion from fans, Konami put out the following on Twitter:

“The Delta symbol was chosen because its meaning fits the concept of the remake project. Delta means ‘change’ or ‘difference’ without changing structure.”

It makes enough sense, given we’re talking about a remake, though not enough to stop fans from clowning on the triangle online.

“Honestly, the one thing that gives me any hope this will have anything going for it is the fact they titled it something as goofy as ‘Metal Gear Solid *Triangle Symbol*’ one fan says. “Also, remake Guy Savage, or we riot.” Fair.

Another says: “I genuinely thought this was just a triangle [as] a triangle has three nodes, it was meant to be read as just ‘Metal Gear Solid 3’.”

One resolutely announces: “I’m still calling it Metal Gear Solid 3 because a triangle has three sides.”

To be fair to Konami, it looks like the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake doesn’t change much of the level structure despite giving it all some visual TLC. Fans have poured over the video and images and found the level design to be nearly identical to the original. Just maybe think twice about throwing in a delta symbol next time. 

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