Melee battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint announces console version with PS5 gameplay

Naraka: Bladepoint
(Image credit: 24 Entertainment)

Naraka: Bladepoint has debuted a PS5 gameplay trailer confirming development on a console version.

The melee and parkour-focused battle royale is due to launch on PC August 12, but we've yet to hear from developer 24 Entertainment about its release date on console. We also aren't sure exactly which console platforms Naraka: Bladepoint is headed to, but we know one them is PS5, thanks to this brand new gameplay trailer from IGN:

In case this is the first you're hearing of Naraka: Bladepoint, it's a fresh take on the battle royale genre that ditches the guns in favor of close-range sword fighting and and fluid parkour movement. You'll be able to get around the map by wall-running and using your grappling hook, which can attach to pretty much anything – even other players. And while the focus is on melee combat, you'll also have access to ranged weapons in the event of "complex battle situations."

"Our ultimate goal with Naraka: Bladepoint is to offer players an action-packed game experience – but one that comes with a huge range of flexibilities and options for the player," 24 Entertainment told us. "This includes high-speed movement around the map, a combination of melee and ranged weapons, and strategic skills to engage in imaginative combat."

24 Entertainment also emphasizes the versatility of its combat system, which will frequently take players to the skies in mid-air battles. "Whether an attack takes place in the air or a player simply jumps to avoid an incoming attack, these movements are all integral to creating a more vivid and flexible combat system."

With these innovations, 24 Entertainment is hoping Naraka: Bladepoint shakes up the formula just enough and in all the right ways to compete with the heaviest hitters in its genre: Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and PUBG. The game's recent open beta was more than encouraging, attracting over 120,000 players on Steam at its peak in April.

Pre-orders for Naraka: Bladepoint on PC are live now, with discounts for buying more than one copy at once. All pre-orders include a new hero and an exclusive outfit.

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