Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Cheats

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by Ludacris973

    Lottery Codes

    87341489: Full Energy
    45566783: Full Energy
    39345472: Full Energy
    79459146: Shinobi Dash
    15511679: Shinobi Dash
    74198795: Shinobi Dash
    59485971: Untrap
    22812406: Untrap
    09000465: Untrap
    04789479: Unlocker
    82564319: Unlocker
    04789479: Unlocker
    99910954: Unlocker
    41161139: Unlocker
    98766899: Lock Enemy
    68008194: Lock Enemy
    16336487: Lock Enemy
    37495453: Lock Enemy
    37889678: HP+50: Pink
    49951337: HP+100: White
    24823665: HP+200: White
    54654618: HP+300: Pink
    08749780: HP+400: Green
    55031325: HP+500: White
    94305487: Charge MAX: Blue
    12046210: Rapid MAX: Green
    19790420: Buster Pack: Red
    28271002: Body Pack: Pink
    32132348: Rush Support: Yellow
    70741543: Beat Support: Blue
    69548756: Tango Support: Green
    41976910: Spin Yellow
    77837421: Spin Red
    09256524: Spin Green
    23722234: Count Bomb 3 M
    60884138: Drill Arm M
    71757977: Air Wheel 3 O
    88674125: Mega Boomerang M
    14212857: GunDelSol 3 W
    38116449: Deathmatch *
    97403000: Uninstall G
    08789369: Elemental Wrap *
    44892547: Colonel Army *
    75641392: Recovery 300 Y
    69544569: Bamboo Lance *
    51378085: Circle Gun V
    97049899: Blizzard Ball H
    12404002: Heatman *
    30424514: Elecman *
    55910601: Slashman *
    84387543: Killerman *
    92070765: Chargeman *
    51702791: Aquaman *
    67520179: Tomahawkman *
    00297421: Tenguman *
    10414878: Groundman *
    79814666: Dustman *
    24616497: Blastman *
    32310827: Diveman *
    12110031: Hakushaku *

  • GBA | Submitted by Mac

    Navi Customizer Program Compression Code

    To enter these codes, highlight the program you want to compress and hold right, then input the codes. The program then will shrink. If you input the code again, it will decompress.

    ARAABARRBA: compress AimFish
    ARBABRRBAL: compress AirShoes
    LBRBABLBAL: compress AttackMAX
    BRBBBBBARR: compress BatteryMode
    LRBBALRABA: compress BeatSupport
    RLABLRLAAB: compress BodyPack
    BAABBBALBA: compress BoosterPack
    AAABRLBAAL: compress BugStopper
    LLALLBABBB: compress ChargeMAX
    ALABBAAABA: compress Collector's Eye
    LBBRBAALRR: compress Custom1
    RALLAABRBA: compress Custom2
    BBARABLARR: compress FirstBarrier
    RALABLBBRB: compress FloatShoes
    ABLRRBRLBA: compress FolderPack1
    BBARBLARBL: compress FolderPack2
    BLBRLLLABA: compress GigaFolder1
    LLABLBABLL: compress HumorSense
    ALARBRARLB: compress JungleLand
    BLALBRALBA: compress AntiDmg
    ARLALALLAB: compress MegaFolder1
    LALRBLRLRA: compress MegaFolder2
    RBARALBBBL: compress Millionaire
    AAALAABLRA: compress NumberOpening
    LRABARBBLR: compress OilBody
    AALABRALBA: compress RapidMAX
    LAABRRLRLR: compress Reflect
    RLBAABALLR: compress RushSupport
    BABARRLLAB: compress RythmicalPoem
    RRABLRARLA: compress SearchShuffle
    BBBAABAABB: compress SelfRecovery
    RBBBAAABRL: compress Shield
    BBBABBAARB: compress ShinobiDash
    ALAAALLABR: compress SlipRunner
    ABLLAALRBA: compress SuperArmor
    BRBRRABBRA: compress TangoSupport
    RRALLRAABB: compress UnderShirt

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by BobbyBouche

    Megaman + Link Navi vs Gregar

    To beat Gregar, stay on your toes and use the Slashman link navi with Megaman, because it does 80-100 damage and if you move quickly should beat him fairly easily. Remember to save before the battle because it might take 2-3 tries before you can get the hang of it, but when you do, it'll be easy to win. If you don't have Slashman link go to Green Town and help the lady giving cooking lessons. Once you beat the challenges you'll get to use Slashman as a link navi.

Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar Unlockables

  • GBA | Submitted by Mac

    Title Screen Icons

    Upon completing the tasks listed below, various icons showing your accomplishments will be displayed at the top of the title screen.

    "GIGA COMP" Icon - Collect all 5 Giga Chips

    "MEGA COMP" Icon - Collect all 45 Mega Chips

    "P.A. COMP" Icon - Activate all 30 Program Advances

    "STD COMP" - Icon Collect all 200 Standard Chips

    Beast Link Gate Icon - Defeat Forte SP at Graveyard Area 2 with all 5 Greiga Link Navis installed through their respective Navi Data Chips through a Beast Link Gate device

    Blues [Protoman] Icon - Using the 10 Event Cards off Modification Card Part 2 e+ Cards that unlock the 10 Extra Missions, Complete Them and then Defeat Blues [Protoman] FZ

    Forte [Bass] Icon - Defeat Forte [Bass] SP

    Greiga Icon - Beat the game

    Starred "S" Icon - Collect all 17 Secret Chips