McG for Wonder Woman?

Current Terminator franchise director McG might be making his way up the Warner Bros wish list for the job of helming Wonder Woman.

Given the fake-happy nature of recent Wonder Woman announcements, you should take this one with an invisible jet full of salt, but IESB is reporting that McG is being seriously considered for the director’s chair.

While he’s currently still in the post-production trenches on Terminator Salvation, studio sources are apparently saying he’s definitely on the studio’s mind.

Beyonce and Megan

In the last week, Beyonce Knowles has chucked her sparkly hat into the Princess Diana ring and a fan site famously pushed for Megan Fox to nab the role.

There’s no word on anything to do with the movie yet- let alone a cast or director – but we’re sure Warners will be trying to get it going ASAP in the hopes of catching up to Marvel’s successful superhero run.

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