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Massive fan party planned for SFX Weekender

Saturday nights are made for parties so that’s exactly what we’re putting on for SFX readers and guests at the SFX Weekender ! Shortly after we’ve given out the last of the sparkling SFX Awards 2010 to the cream of the sci-fi world, the party will begin – and you’re invited!

It's the Maskerade, and it'll be the SFX party of the year. Dress up as much or as little as you want to: come along in your usual togs or dress as anything from an Imperial Stormtrooper to a Slitheen. There will be spot prizes on the night for what we judge the best costumes, so your getting sweaty may be worth it! Perhaps just don a mask (hey, it is called the Maskerade after all) if you want to be all mysterious… Or just turn up with your best sc-fi t-shirt on and hang out with your mates.

You’ll be able to dance until the wee hours to bands and a disco – with not too many sci-fi themed songs, we promise. Requests will be accepted! Here’s the best bit: entry will be free to anybody with a full Weekender ticket. It's all part of the weekend's fun! It’ll be held in the central hall so there’ll be plenty of room to shake your behind, or just chill out with the SFX crew knocking back a Romulan Ale or three. And who knows what strangers you’ll become better acquainted with during the evening?

The magnificent Maskerade (6 February) is just one of the great things going down at the SFX Weekender - for more information and to book tickets while they're still available, call 08700 110034 or visit . See you there!