Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Science Trophy location for the Just Let Go trophy

Spider-Man 2 science trophy location
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The Spider-Man 2 Just Let Go Science Trophy from Miles Morales' game is hidden in New York City, and while playing that game will show you where, not everybody has the time to replay it, or the memory to recall the specifics of its location. Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has an absolutely huge map too, so hoping you'll just find it out and about is liable to take you hours, even if you're specifically looking for it. I've already found it, so follow this guide and you'll find Miles and Phin's Science Trophy for the Just Let Go Trophy in Spider-Man 2.

Where to find the Science Trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Spider Man 2 science trophy just let go location

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The Spider-Man 2 Just Let Go Science Trophy is found on the roof of Trinity Church in the Financial District, at the map location shown above. Just head up to the central spire and look around the back side of the parapet. Use the scan function (R3) to highlight any interactable objects nearby and the trophy should be marked clearly and easy to identify.

Spider Man 2 science trophy just let go phin miles

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Once you've found it just head over and the interaction prompt should appear - hit the button and you'll get a brief cutscene where Miles pays his respects. When that's done you should get the Just Let Go Trophy when it ends.

If you haven't played the Miles Morales spin off game, and you're wondering what the Trophy is all about, he actually places it here in the very last scene of the previous game, as the church is an important location for him and a former friend called Phin. The Trophy from the Osborne Science Center was a sign of their friendship and what they could achieve when working together. It's pretty clear that despite some… complicated moments in their relationship, Miles still chooses to remember Phin as a friend.

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