Marvel's Spider-Man 2 lizard password explained

Spider-Man 2 lizard puzzle
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The Marvel's Spider-Man 2 lizard password at Doctor Connor's house in the mission New Threads is one that you can work out with context clues throughout the house itself - and once you do, you can access the laboratory underneath in the basement. You can actually skip this puzzle if you're inclined, but it's not necessary to do so, even if you're finding it difficult. If you need a helping hand (or claw), here's the password to the lizard's lab in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

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What is the lizard password in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2 lizard puzzle

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Exploring Dr Connor's house will eventually lead you to the kitchen where you find a heavy wooden cabinet you can interact with. Doing so will reveal a computer keypad with four colored keys and the option to enter a password. You should have noticed the children's area on the way through, that featured a small toy keyboard that plays 'Old MacDonald' when you press the barn symbol. 

The Spider-Man 2 lizard password solution is to play the first four notes of Old MacDonald as they appear on the child's toy and press the keys in this order: 

  • Purple, purple, purple, green

That's 4, 4, 4, 1 as well, as the password screen also features dice-like dot numbering keys. 

The color of the keys, as well as the barn sticker, link the screen to the toy. You can also see when you're getting it right as green lights appear at the top of the password panel as you enter the correct notes. Once it's done a secret wall will open up and you can carry on with the mission. 

As well as the toy that plays the tune, you might have also found a mobile in a child's room upstairs that also played the tune when you first entered the house. It's the toy, though, that gives you the pattern you really need, matching the code panel exactly and letting you work out the pattern without actually understanding the musical notes.

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