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The Marvel's Spider-Man 2 voice actors and cast are a huge range of accomplished performers, a mix of rising stars and acclaimed acting veterans to round out a whole range of heroes, villains and everything in between. If you've been swinging around the city and think you recognise some of the voices you hear on your adventures, here's the full cast of voice actors in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

All actors and voice cast for Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2

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Here's the main Marvel's Spider-Man 2 cast and actors - just scroll down for more info on where you might recognise them from!

  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Yuri Lowenthal
  • Miles Morales/Spider-Man - Nadji Jeter
  • Mary Jane Watson - Laura Bailey
  • Harry Osborn - Graham Philips
  • Norman Osborn - Mark Rolston
  • Venom - Tony Todd
  • Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter -  Jim Pirri
  • Ganke Lee - Griffin Puatu
  • Martin Lee/Mr. Negative - Stephen Oyoung
  • Curt Connors/The Lizard - Mark Whitten
  • Yuri Watanabe/Wraith - Tara Platt
  • Rio Morales - Jacqueline Piñol
  • J. Jonah Jameson - Darin De Paul
  • Danika Hart - Ashly Burch
  • Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - Erica Lindbeck
  • Flint Marko/Sandman - Leandro Cano

Of course, the cast of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 goes far beyond what you see above, with side characters, supporting roles and other minor figures across New York, but all the major parts are laid out for you clearly here.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Yuri Lowenthal

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Yuri Lowenthal returns to the role of Peter Parker and the original Spider-Man, having played the character in both previous games, as well as other Spider-Man media like Marvel's Midnight Suns. Lowenthal's filmography goes a lot deeper though - he's been the English dub of Sasuke in Naruto, Simon in Gurren Lagann and the lead in Ben 10, among many, many others. 

In an interview we conducted with him, Lowenthal said that playing Peter in Spider-Man 2 took him to darker places than before - and you can definitely see that in the performance.

Miles Morales/Spider-Man - Nadji Jeter

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Miles Morales is voiced again by Nadji Jeter, who like Lowenthal returns to the role after playing Miles Morales in the previous two games. 

It's not the first time - Jeter has also played the new Spider-Man in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and in the 2017 animated Spider-Man TV show, but viewers might also recognise (a much younger) version of him from the Grown-Ups movies, as well as playing Sam in the first The Last of Us.

Mary Jane Watson - Laura Bailey

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Comic book icon MJ Watson is played here by Laura Bailey, one of the most recognised VAs in video games at the moment. Aside from being a core member of the hit internet show Critical Role (and tie-in adaptation Vox Machina), she's also played Abby from The Last of Us 2, Kait in Gears of War, Jaina in World of Warcraft and Nadine in the Uncharted franchise - and we've barely scratched the surface of her filmography.

Harry Osborn - Graham Phillips

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Harry Osborn is heard in recorded messages in the first Spider-Man game, where he was voiced by Scott Porter, but now placed in a more central role, the character is taken over by actor Graham Phillips. 

This is Phillip's first major video game role, having more of a background (so far) in film, TV and musical theatre, probably most famous for being Zach Florrick in The Good Wife. Still, it'll be interesting to see if he takes a firmer foothold in nerd culture after such a major debut!

Norman Osborn - Mark Rolston

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Veteran actor Mark Rolston returns to the role of former NYC Mayor and industrialist Norman Osborn, having played the character in both previous games. 

Rolston is an acclaimed actor recognisable in all sorts of roles - Drake in the horror/action classic Aliens, Bogs Diamond in the Shawshank Redemption, and co-starring as Agent Erickson in Saw 5 and 6. To stay within video games, Rolston's most famous role before this was probably the cutthroat mercenary Deathstroke in both Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight.

Venom - Tony Todd

Tony Todd as William Bludworth in Final Destination (2000)

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The monstrous alien symbiote is played by a true icon: Tony Todd, who played the titular character in the Candyman movies, the ominous William Bludworth in the Final Destination franchise, as well as Sergeant Warren in 1986's Platoon. Add some prosthetics to his head, and you might also recognise Kurn, brother of Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter -  Jim Pirri

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Sergei Kravinoff, aka Kraven the Hunter, makes the leap from comic book to video game in Spider-Man 2, played by actor and fight choreographer Jim Pirri. 

If his voice sounds familiar, you might recognise him as Angelo in Red Dead Redemption 2, the biker bestie Boozer in Days Gone, and a string of other roles in both games and TV - including the show Victorious, funnily enough. I wonder if there'll be a crossover between that and Days Gone?

Ganke Lee - Griffin Puatu

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Miles' best friend Ganke Lee is back in a similar role to the one he had in the previous game - the technician and "guy in the chair" that provides information and support while the Spideys are swinging about; and this incarnation of the character is played by Griffin Puatu.

An experienced actor even at a young age, Puatu is probably best known for playing Loius in Beastars and Naoto Tachibana in Tokyo Revengers, though he's had VA work of varying degrees for over two decades.

Martin Lee/Mr. Negative - Stephen Oyoung

Spider-Man 2 cast

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A major character in the first game, philanthropist turned supervillain Martin Lee, aka Mr Negative, is played here again by actor, VA and stuntman Stephen Oyoung. We actually had an interview with Oyoung that you can read here, but while Mr. Negative is probably his best known role, Oyoung has also played Red Hood in Gotham Knights, KK in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and had roles in action movies like John Wick 3 and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Curt Connors/The Lizard - Mark Whitten

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Only referenced in previous games, tortured scientist Doctor Curt Connors and his monstrous alter-ego, "The Lizard" make their series debut here, played by working voice actor Mark Whitten. 

Whitten has roles everywhere - he recently played Reed in Goodbye Volcano High, but is probably better known as Seteth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Kyojuro Rengoku in Demon Slayer and Kaedehara Kazuha in Genshin Impact. Those with kids might also recognise him as the voice of the latter in the animated show "Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh".

Yuri Watanabe/Wraith - Tara Platt

Spider-Man 2 cast

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A cop in the first Spider-Man game and now the vigilante Wraith, acclaimed VA Tara Platt returns to the character of Yuri Watanabe. 

Platt's full filmography would likely buckle the site, so here's some highlights - she was the character of Temari in Naruto, Edelgard in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Anna Williams in Tekken. If you think she and Yuri Lowenthal have good chemistry, there's a reason for that - the two have been married for over twenty years!

Rio Morales - Jacqueline Piñol

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Jacqueline Piñol is an experienced screen and voice actor, who not only plays councilwoman and Miles Morales' mother Rio, but also Detective Espinosa in the TV show Bosch, and Doctor Sofia Amaral in Remedy's 2016 action game, Quantum Break.

J. Jonah Jameson - Darin De Paul

Spider-Man 2 cast

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The belligerent, bellowing Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Bugle is played by Darin De Paul, a voice actor whose presence in video games has led to a string of iconic roles - and while JK Simmons' shadow looms large over the character, De Paul seems to handle the character perfectly.

That might be because he's got such a stories history in VA work, on a variety of characters that includes Reinhardt in Overwatch, the cyborg Samuel Hayden in Doom and Doom Eternal, Owl in Sekiro, the Hulk in Marvel's Avengers and both Venom, Ghost Rider and the evil god Chthon in Marvel's Midnight Suns.

Danika Hart - Ashly Burch

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Contrarily, the chipper, positive host of the Danikast podcast is played by Ashly Burch, with countless credits to her name. She's Aloy from the Horizon series, Viper in Valorant, Mel in The Last of Us 2, Borderland's Tiny Tina, Chloe from Life is Strange, and plays Rachel in the show Mythic Quest - and we're barely scratching the surface.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - Erica Lindbeck

Spider-Man 2 cast

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The master cat burglar who made her debut in the first game's DLC is played again by VA Erica Lindbeck, another hard-working actor who can be recognised from hundreds of prior performances. 

Just recently she played the tarot-touting Misty in Cyberpunk 2077, Captain Marvel in Midnight Suns, Peppermint Vandelay in the superb Hi-Fi Rush, Futaba in Persona 5 and about a hundred different performances of Barbie in various animated films.

Flint Marko/Sandman - Leandro Cano

Spider-Man 2 cast

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Starting the game off with a bang, Leandro Cano plays the supervillain Sandman, aka Flint Marko, adding a gravelly (pun intended) quality to the iconic Spider-Man foe.

Cano was Simon Diaz in the podcast series Agent Stoker, played King II in the series Tekken: Bloodline, and appeared in shows like CSI: Miami, Castle and Boston Legal.

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