The Marvel's Avengers game release date may not be until 2020, Square Enix reveals

Credit: Square Enix

The E3 2019 schedule technically begins this weekend but, given that we've already had leaks for Watch Dogs 3, Fable 4, and Gears 5, we might as well start the party now. Next on the agenda, for instance, is the Marvel's Avengers game from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics (makers of Shadow of the Tomb Raider), as the former has just revealed more about the title in its latest financial results briefing, which was held earlier last month and has finally been made public.

According to Square Enix's Chief Financial Officer Kazuharu Watanabe, the publisher's biggest games - including the likes of Marvel's Avengers and Final Fantasy 7 Remake - won't be out until October 2019 at the very earliest, stating that "due to the progress of our development efforts and out of consideration of competitor release schedules, our major launches will take place after midyear of FY2020/3."

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Watanabe also revealed that, "in addition to our major titles, we also have FY2020/3 releases planned for some unique and promising games, including some for smartphones", though stopped short of specifying which titles would be releasing in each planned window over the course of the financial year.  

The TL;DR is that both the Marvel's Avengers game and Final Fantasy 7 Remake could be releasing anytime between October 2019 and March 2020, though given the comments about avoiding the competitive period of the Fall, their respective launches are likely to swing further towards the latter period. 

It's also unclear whether Square Enix considers its newly revealed Outriders game as a "major launch", or if there's even more E3 2019 games to be announced by the publisher in the coming days. Either way, the good news is that we can hopefully expect to be playing several big titles from Square Enix over the next few months and beyond. Here's hoping there's no more Kingdom Hearts 3 style delays. 

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