Gears of War 5 release date, trailer, gameplay, story details, and everything else


Gears of War 5 is coming. It was almost inevitable, but with a surprising lack of leaks before the show, it was one of the biggest E3 2018 games that actually managed to surprise us. And not just with its presence. Following on from Gears 4’s decidedly progressive, soft-reboot, Gears of War 5 shakes things up further. Kait is now the protagonist, the story is far more personal, and both the gameplay and world look fresher and more exciting than ever before. Shall we crack on and break down all the details, then? 

Gears of War 5 release date is some time in 2019

Yep, as is often the double-edged sword of E3 reveals, the bigger, more exciting, and more surprising the game, the higher the chance that our hype-fuelled afterglow will be slightly tempered by a lack of specific release date. We're promised more detailed news soon, but for now, we do at least know that the Gears of War 5 release date will be some time in 2019. With Halo Infinite looking like a far-off dream at the moment, perhaps Gears will be a shoo-in for Microsoft's big Christmas release. 

Gears of War 5 gameplay looks seriously evolved (with maybe a new focus on speed) 

Gears of War with dextrous melee combat. Yeah. That's a thing. A series founded on giant, car-sized men clumping around around like sentient fridges now has whirling melee combos. Okay, so we're not exactly looking at Devil May Cry 5 here. This is still very much Gears of War 5, so we're looking at serious, weighty heft, and gloriously bloody impact. But yes, you now get to use a giant Locust mace that turns everything into showering gibs. This is good. 

There's also what looks like a new, biomechanical Locust with the ability to turn itself from a humanoid warrior to a massive fleshy turret, and a new, leaner-looking, duel melee enemy, who appears to be the original owner of Kait’s mace. Between a few of these new elements and Kait as the new protagonist, there's a definite sense that Gears of War 5 gameplay might be a fair bit slicker and more mobile than anything we've seen before. 

Gears of War 5 trailer brings heavy emotion, a shaken-up dynamic, and stunning environments  

I'm not going to spoil anything here, just watch it. It's bloody great. 

Gears of War 5 story takes things in a new direction with a new protagonist  

Judging by Kait’s new hair, Marcus’ shave, and JD’s marvelous new beard, things seem to have moved on a fair bit from Gears 4. The team dynamic also seems rather fractured, with JD having become colder, having settled in to a militaristic leader role, and divisions cracking as the team struggles to maintain its friendship bonds under continued adversity. And of course, this is now Kait's story. 

Following a bereavement, she reveals that she's been having dreams that she feels have been guiding her, in some way related to the Locust necklace belonging to her grandmother. Marcus and Del want to help Kait, JD doesn't, and so the former three set off north, on an odyssey for answers leading them “Back to where it all began”.