Marvel's Avengers Project will be at E3 2019

Update: On the heels of a colorful teaser from Square Enix, today producer Geoff Keighley confirmed that The Avengers Project will be shown at E3 2019. Keighley said on Twitter that Marvel's Avengers game will be shown on Tuesday, June 11. 

Square Enix's actual E3 broadcast is scheduled for Monday, June 10 at 6 pm PDT, so if I were a gambling man, I'd wager we'll see a glimpse of Avengers during the publisher's stream, followed by an expanded showcase the next day. It could certainly use a dedicated time slot. The Avengers Project was first announced over two years ago and is being co-developed by Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex dev Eidos-Montreal. Oh, and it's the first game in a series of planned video game adaptations attached to the biggest entertainment property of the decade. So, you know, hopefully it gets more than a sizzle reel. 

Original story:

We have The Avengers Project listed as one of our long-shot wildcards for E3 2019 games, but after you read this conspiracy theory, you may feel more certain. Slightly - it is just colors on the official Square Enix Twitter account. But it's been so long since we've heard about solid about the Avengers game in the works at Tomb Raider's Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex's Eidos Montreal that we'll take whatever we can get.

It started when the official Square Enix account tweeted out this teaser back in April for its E3 presentation plans (make sure you check our E3 2019 schedule to see where it will fit in with everything else). 

A typical teaser. Then Square Enix tweeted out another image that was almost identical a month later, save for two key differences.

The colors in the side frames changed. First there were green and blue, now there are purple and orange. If you're a big-time Avengers fan, you see where this is headed. Those colors line up with the Time, Space, Power, and Soul stones respectively - the only ones missing are the yellow of the Mind Stone and the red of the Reality Stone.

Square Enix will probably tweet out at least one more teaser to remind folks of its E3 plans before the event, so if you see the missing colors show up there, consider this teaser confirmed. Until then I'll keep it filed under "I" for "it sure would be cool because where the hell is that game anyway, it was announced back in 2017."

If you're ready for some spoilers, make sure you read the biggest questions we have after the Avengers: Endgame ending, or if you still need to make it out to the theater, watch our spoiler-free review.

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