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Madden 24
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The Madden 24 release date is almost upon us – and EA has revealed all the key numbers in the build-up. It's set to be a colossal year for Justin Jefferson, as Minnesota's star wideout kicks off the season with a 99 OVR. Below we take a closer look at Madden 24 overall ratings, rookie ratings, and much more besides. Bookmark GR's Madden 24 guide for everything you need through August and beyond.

Madden 24 release date

Madden 24

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EA always likes to unleash its premier Gridiron game shortly before the start of the real season. This year's edition continues that trend. The Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2023 campaign on Thursday, September 7. Sure enough, your Madden 24 release date is three weeks before that, on Friday August 18. Josh Allen will appear on the box this year – if you want to see who he fended off for the honor, check out or Madden 24 cover vote guide.

Madden 24 Deluxe Edition

Madden 24

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Continuing a tradition from previous years, EA is throwing all manner of goodies your way to tempt you into pre-ordering. The Madden 24 Deluxe Edition costs $99.99 / £99.99. Part of its appeal is being able to play the game three days early, on Tuesday, August 15. Here's everything you get if you decide to stump up those big bucks:

For more information, jump over to our Madden 24 pre-order guide.

  • Base game 
  • Three days' early access 
  • Dual entitlements (PS4 and PS5 / Xbox One and Xbox Series X) 
  • MUT Josh Allen elite item 
  • Choice of defensive strategy item 
  • Choice of offensive strategy item 
  • NFL Marble Bills gear 
  • 4600 Madden Points 
  • AKA Player Item (so long as you pre-order before July 22)

Madden 24 PS5

While Madden 24 is inevitably coming to PS4 and Xbox One, the new-gen machines are the focus – and many will opt for PS5 as their Madden console of choice. Wanna see how it's shaping up? Then stop reading these words just for a second and instead enjoy the first Madden 24 trailer, just above.

Madden 24 Xbox Series X

Madden 24

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Madden 24 Xbox Series X is likely to be near-identical to its PS5 counterpart. So let's delve into a few things you can expect going by the above trailer.

Patrick Mahomes' ability to throw one-handed while diving forwards is now available, although whether rival QBs will be able to do so remains to be seen. EA is also introducing 'Sapien Technology'. In its own words: "A leap forward in character technology introduces new anatomically accurate NFL player skeletons on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC that are more responsive and represent true-to-life player motion." Faces look to have been upgraded again, too – although that should be a no-brainer for any contemporary sports game.

Madden 24 Gridiron Notes

Madden NFL 24

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The first set of Madden 24 Gridiron Notes has already dropped, and delves further into all the new features mentioned above. Last year's big enhancement has been rebranded as FieldSense 2.0. EA insists it'll bring additional tackle control and variety, upgraded catching AI, and more astute defensive back behavior – although the balance between those two fundamentals is always tricky to nail down. Particularly with an online community that expects to sling touchdowns on every drive.

Many will focus on the latest franchise refinements covered in the Madden 24 Gridiron Notes. Once the series' most popular feature, it still feels inferior to the classic PS2 years – so any innovations are welcome. Training camp mini-games make their long-awaiting return, and new cities, logos and uniforms switch up your relocation options. Free agency has been retooled, plus you can "acquire and retain superstars using 50 new unique draft generators, new trade logic tuning, six trade slots and new talent trees for coaches". A lot to unpick there, and we look forward to doing so in August.

For the full set of Gridiron notes, check out the official Madden 24 website.

Madden 24 Superstar mode

Madden NFL 24 pre-order

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One of the most exciting revelations from the Madden 24 Gridiron notes is the return of Superstar mode. On next-gen, Face Of The Franchise is gone, and replaced with two modes specific to PS5 and XBox Series X. In Superstar: The League, you play mini-games and matches with a very traditional end goal: progressing from the combine, to the draft, to becoming an all-conquering NFL mega-power. Superstar: Showdown, however, mixes things up with a neat online element. You compete with or against friends in 3-on-3 battles, scoring player and gear upgrades as you progress.

Still on PS4 or Xbox One? Then Face Of The Franchise is back for another year, as is customisable tie-in The Yard.

Madden 24 Crossplay

Madden 23

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After a successful debut last year, Madden 24 Crossplay is again in full effect – but not, sadly, for players on PS4 and XBox One.

Those competing on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC can go up against one another using Crossplay in four different modes: Head-to-Head, Ultimate Team, Superstar KO, and Superstar Showdown. It's enabled by default, but you can opt out. On PS5 and PC this is done through the Madden 24 settings menu, but Xbox Series X players need to access their system settings in order to switch it off. The Madden 24 auction house, however, is specific to your console (or PC) of choice.

Madden 24 Overall ratings

Madden 23

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The vital Madden 23 numbers have landed, and the big winner is Justin Jefferson. Minnesota's star wideout gets a 99 OVR and is the second best player in the game this year. Fellow members of the 99 Club include Rams talisman Aaron Donald, Chiefs pair Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, and Dallas guard Zack Martin.

Cover star Josh Allen, meanwhile, scores an OVR of 94. You can see the initial scores for the game's 50 best players in our Madden 24 overall ratings guide. 

As for newcomers to the league, Bryce Young nabs an introductory overall rating of 74, while Falcons running back Bijan Robinson earns the highest OVR from the 2023 draft class. You can analyze all the key numbers in GR's Madden 24 rookie ratings guide.

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