Love Hewitt buys brains

Although currently ankle-deep in CGI fur on the set of Garfield 2, Jennifer Love Hewitt and her company Love Spell Entertainment have still found the time to do a little business.

JLH has snaffled up the rights to the intriguingly named She Had Brains, A Body, And The Ability To Make Men Love Her, a Texas Monthly article which tells the tale of a homely housewife who dabbles in prostitution on the side. Jen is planning to produce and star in a movie adaptation of the juicy slice of journalism which appeared in the January issue of the southern US publication.

The story will focus on a former Homecoming Queen from Odessa, Texas who became a 22-year-old homemaker as well as one of the most successful hookers in town. Unfortunately, the law caught up with the pinny wearing putter-outer when her co-workers and 68 prominent members of the local community all got their collars felt in a city-shaking scandal.

Love Spell and United Entertainment are currently sweeping the scripting world for a writer to adapt Katy Vine’s original article and give it a comic spin.