Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII side quest guide

Round ‘Em Up 

This is similar to the last herding quest, except the sheep are spread wider across the field

Who you get it from: Millie and Dr. Sheep in Aryas Village.

When you can obtain the quest: After completing the ‘Fuzzy Search’ side quest and between 6AM and 6PM.

Rewards for completion: 1200 gil, Cowboy Hat x1, Creamy Sheep Milk x1, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +6

Instructions for completion: This quest works the same way as ‘Fuzzy Search’, though you’re getting help from your Chocobo to corral these wayward sheep. They’re also more spread out than the sheep in the prior herding quest, but they’re still near Aryas Village. Generally speaking, they’re east, west, and southeast of the village. After you’ve herded the sheep, speak to Dr. Sheep to get Creamy Sheep Milk as a reward and then talk to Millie (who can be found in a separate sheep pen) to complete the quest.

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