Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII side quest guide

Fireworks in a Bottle 

You’ll be visiting this restaurant, The Banquet of the Lord in a number of side quests

Who you get it from: The drunk pyrotechnician in Central Avenue

When you can obtain the quest: You first need to trigger Main Quest 2-2, ‘The Legend of the Savior’. The drunk pyrotechnician is available between 7PM and 11PM. You must complete this mission before completing Main Quest 2-2.

Rewards for completion: 300 gil, Ceremonial Headdress x1, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4

Instructions for completion: The pyrotechnician needs Bacchus’ Brew, which will cost you 1000 gil. Go to the Banquet of the Lord restaurant at the top of the steps in the Glutton’s Quarters and speak to the Maitre D’ to buy the brew. Go back to the pyrotechnician to complete the mission.

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