Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII side quest guide

Dying Wish 

The Thunderclap Cap looks like a blue mushroom.

The second item for this quest is Mandragora Root, which you can buy from a South Station grocer.

Remember where you found the Carbuncle Doll? You can buy Shaolong Gui Shell from Seger nearby.

Ms. Chocobo Emporium looks like a tween version of Chocolina.

Who you get it from: Blythe, a woman sitting on the Gallery Steps where the Commercial District and The Residences meet.

When you can obtain the quest: Between 6AM and 10PM, after completing the first two side quests.

Rewards for completion: Tonberry’s Lantern, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +4

Instructions for completion: Completing this mission involves collecting four items found by running around much of Luxerion. You will also need to spend 1000 gil. Begin by heading slightly south to alleys of The Warehouse District. There you’ll find the Thunderclap Cap, a blue mushroom. Then head further south to the shops near South Station. Look for the woman running one of the Groceries and buy a Mandragora Root. Then run to the East Marketplace and look for the merchant named Seger. Buy Shaolong Gui Shell from him. Finally, head back to the Commercial District and look for Chocobo Emporium, who looks like a younger, dirty blonde version of Chocolina. After speaking to her, hand over the three items you’ve collected. She’ll turn these items into Spectral Elixir, the item you have to give to Blythe.

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