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Life-sized Super Mario Lego statue stands at 2 feet tall and costs $900

Super Mario life-sized Lego figure by Bricker Builds
(Image credit: Bricker Builds)

Super Mario Lego has reached new heights with this unofficial life-sized Mario sculpture designed by Bricker Builds. 

The 2 feet tall build is made up of almost 5,000 Lego bricks and will cost those willing to put the Italian plumber together $899. If you are already sitting on a mountain of Lego bricks in Mario colors though, you can just purchase the instruction booklet on how to recreate this masterpiece for just $65. 

Although these builds aren’t officially endorsed by Nintendo, Bricker Builds has also got a Power-Up Mushroom build up for grabs which is comprised of 783 bricks for $175, as well as two life-size Pokemon statue instruction packs for Eevee and Pikachu that cost a slightly more reasonable $45 each and require between 1,907 and 2,483 Lego bricks to construct.

Each build that is created by the company starts off as a 3D model which is designed by an artist and then transformed into an accurate life-sized brick model thanks to their own ‘Bricker software’. They then use specialty pieces and building techniques to make the model look as close to the character they are based on as possible, before finally, using their own Bricklink Studio to create step-by-step building instructions.

According to the Bricker Builds website, any life-sized Mario Lego orders that go through the company will be fulfilled by Canada First Bricks, which is “the largest and most trusted 3rd party brick supplier in North America.” This build specifically was designed by Lego royalty Dave Holder who has had his Lego models featured in Legoland Melbourne as well as the Lego Masters TV show. 

Elsewhere in the world of Super Mario Lego, Nintendo has been working with Lego to create an official line of Mario playsets and has even gone as far as to create an interactive Lego Luigi figure that can communicate with the interactive Mario figure. It hasn’t ended there either as the brains behind the bricks at Lego have also released several other Lego Super Mario expansion packs and character packs

Looking for the best place to buy the official Super Mario Lego? Take a look at our Lego Super Mario sets buying guide. 

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