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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Minikit locations guide

 Chapter 1: Assault On Jakku - Village Retreat 

There are three minikits to collect in the story mode as in between keeping the First Order Stormtroopers at bay. 

Minikit #1

There are three stages to getting the first minikit. To the left of the starting area, destroy the brick piles on either side of the silver tower.

Rebuild the pile into a basketball hoop and BB-8 platform, switch to BB-8 and activate it. As he swishes through the net you'll tick off the first requirement. 

Over to the right a little you'll see some pots arranged like bowling pins. Have BB-8 smash into them.

For the final step, make your way all the way over to the right of the area and smash everything in front of the football goal.

Put the bricks together and have BB-8 interact with the device to release a football. Guide it into the goal to get the minikit.

Minikit #2

You need to build three barrels for villagers to hide in for the next minikit. To get parts for the first one, smash up the pile of bricks outside of the hut where you begin the level.

As soon as you build the barrel, a villager will run over and pop themselves into it.

The parts for the second barrel are next to the bowling pin pots.

The last barrel can be constructed from the parts in front of the locked hut.

Minikit #3

The story will lead you into the locked hut in the centre of the area.

Inside you'll spot a pile of bricks that resemble a minikit.

Lo and behold, if you give throw a couple of punches at them, you can rebuild them into a minikit.

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