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Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Minikit locations guide

Chapter 5: Maz’s Castle - Castle Approach

Most of the minikits in this area have to be picked up in Free Play Mode, but on the bright side, the level is short and sweet.

Minikit #1

As you progress through this area, you'll be set upon by some pretty antsy vermin. You need to kill nine of them or the minikit. The first wave is right at the start of the level. Just start hitting bushes to the left.

Head right and you'll be accosted again by the pool next to the tree.

Go through the doorway and over to the left for the final wave. You'll be rewarded after bludgeoning the last critter to death.

Minikit #2 - Free Play Mode

When you spot the pool by the tree, switch to Ackbar and dive in. 

He'll reappear with the parts you need to build the minikit. 

Minikit #3

As part of the story, you'll need to scan a tower and destroy it to get yourself some building materials.

Build the contraption over on the left and use BB-8 to interact with the port. This will rip out the tree so you can access the stud wall.

Climb up to the balcony. The minikit is inside the doorway.

Minikit #4 - Free Play Mode

From the balcony, use a character with the boost ability to reach the next balcony.

You'll pick up the next minikit when you land.

Minikit #5 - Free Play Mode

On the second balcony where we collected the last minikit, there's a small access hatch. Go on through. 

 You'll pop out on the balcony opposite, where you'll pick up yet another minikit. 

Minikit #6

Back on the ground, by the left wall, you'll see a red button. 

Shoot it to get parts for the minikit.

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