LEGO NES sets are in stock again - here's where to find the elusive kit

LEGO NES deals
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The Lego NES has suddenly come back into stock. It's now available for $229.95 at Amazon, and you can also pick it up from the official Lego Store for $229.99. Meanwhile, fans across the pond can get the kit for £209.99 from Lego UK.

Because it's been a little harder to find since launch, these Lego NES sets are likely to get snapped up before long. As such, anyone that missed it the first time around may want to get involved sooner than later. 

Created as part of the Lego Super Mario sets, the Lego NES recreates this old-school console in detailed brick form. Because that includes a controller to go with an openable cartridge slot and 'game', it does pretty well in terms of nostalgia. 

However, the most appealing bit might be the '80s style Lego TV that comes with the set. Besides giving lots of 20th-century realness with dials, knobs, and faux-wood panelling, it can 'play' the first Super Mario Bros. level on-screen - there's a side-scrolling obstacle course for an 8-bit Mario to navigate. 

This is compatible with the Lego Mario Starter Set; the Mario figure reacts to enemies and plays the original theme tune if you place him on top of the TV.

Anyway. We've got links to those NES offers here, and you'll find more Lego deals further down the page.

Today's best Lego NES price


Lego NES | $229.95 at Amazon
Although you may (understandably) balk at the thought of paying full price for this Lego NES, it's worth pointing out that it's never had a price drop - this has been its cost consistently since day one, probably due to the set being relatively hard to find. Speaking of which, if it does drop out of stock again, be sure to check in with the official Lego Store - the NES was in stock there the last time we looked, albeit for five cents more.

UK price - £209.99 at Amazon

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