Lego Marvel Super Heroes character unlocks guide

Token Characters, Part 2

Ronan the Accuser

Look toward the monument surrounded by gold and silver statues in southeast Central Park. There's a hidden tunnel on its south side. Head through to find a small chamber with a gold and silver door. Take them out to reveal two electrical panels; charge these, plus the third panel on the ceiling, to expose the character token.


In the northern section of Yorkville, you can find this rooftop footrace. Dash through the obstacle course and hit all the checkpoints before time runs out to spawn the Nova character token.

Sandman Goon

Head to the road that runs underneath the eastern edge of Yorkville. Down here, you'll find a cracked tile. Smash through to acquire the Sandman Goon token.

Mary Jane Watson

Just west of the previous token is Empire State University. Look for a spot that web-slinging characters can climb to. Do so to find a sensory spot; use Spider-Man or Wolverine to expose another web-slinging handle. Yank it to open a chest and reveal this token.


Southwest of Empire State University is a high rooftop with several grates. Use Ice Man to freeze the three grates with water on them; this allows Mr. Fantastic to slip through the last one and reach the inside of the radio tower. Hop up the acrobatic panels to reach the token above.


Head west from the previous token and look for this narrow alley facing Central Park. Enter to find several bouncy webs and some studs. Bounce around and collect all the studs that appear, and the Beetle token will appear too.


Southeast from here is man behind a glass door. Use a telekinetic character to control him and pull the switch inside the door. This opens a chest outside, revealing the token.


Fly your way up the west-facing side of the Baxter Building (marked by the Fantastic Four logo on the map). Near the top, you'll find this magnetic switch. Pull it to reveal the character token.


Immediately north of the Queensboro Bridge is this rooftop with a water tower. Use a fire or laser-firing character to melt the icicle under it, exposing the character token.

Iron Man (Hulkbuster)

Fly up to Stark Tower to spot some AC vents. Take out all eight before time runs out to reveal this token.

Black Cat

At the foot of the Queensboro Bridge (right by the "Taking Liberties" mission) is this shop with a neon cat face. Use a web-slinging character to yank the dual handles off the shut door and gain entrance. Inside, use a sensory character to detect a lever near the S.H.I.E.L.D. crate. Pull it off to reveal the character token.

Mini Sentinel

Head west to Columbus Circle and step into the beam of light. Take out the Sentinel using a character's missiles, a character's laser or fire, and finally Thor's hammer. This will net you another token.


South of here is Ant-Man's Lab. Head to the roof to find a series of tunnels only he can get through (what did you expect?). Shrink down, enter, and make your way through the tunnels to reach the token.

Iron Patriot

High atop the Empire State Building are three flags. Raise all three using the claw switch, web handle, and sensory spot to unlock this character token.

Superior Spider-Man

Also on this level is a plank. Leap off, and watch for rings of studs as you float toward Times Square. The last ring of blue studs also holds this token.


In front of the Roxxon Power Plant is a beam of light; step inside, and Kurse will appear. Use a big character to take him down, and you'll unlock him.


At the southwestern corner of the Financial District sits this shop covered in spider webs. Bust the one over the lever inside, then pull it to expose the character token on the roof above.


Fly high into the sky above the southwestern corner of the map to find this hovering platform. Destroy the silver lock on the chest here to expose the character token.

Union Jack

After completing the game, this bonus level unlocks at the Statue of Liberty. Beat it to unlock Union Jack.

Stan Lee

Unlocking Stan Lee requires you to rescue all 50 Stan Lees in Peril. This is covered in our Gold Brick locations guide.

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