Lego Marvel Super Heroes character unlocks guide

Token Characters, Part 1

No, this isn’t the politically correct section - the following characters are all found throughout New York City by acquiring their token. They each require a brief challenge to be unlocked, so we'll tell you how to complete those too.

Damage Control

There are some fires at the southern end of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Hop into the water jet nearby and put them out to reveal this character token.


Head to Deadpool's room on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Here, you can purchase Deadpool Bricks, which take the place of Red Bricks from previous Lego games. Unlock the 11 in Deadpool missions to receive the Deadpool token (covered this in earlier in the guide).

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent

You'll find this underneath the hull of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier - there's a lower deck accessible from the northern end of the ship. Pull the switch under here and hop into the turret. Shoot every target that appears to earn this character token.


There is a glowing light in the south courtyard of the X-Mansion. Enter it, and a Sentinel appears. To defeat it, use a missile-firing character to destroy the silver plate on its chest. Then use a laser or fire-based character to destroy the gold plate beneath. Finally, use Thor's hammer to crack apart the last plate, defeating the Sentinel and unlocking Colossus.


The Archangel token is found behind the Avenger's Mansion, immediately south of the X-Mansion. See the HVAC pipes along the wall? Use a fire or laser-based character's beam to quickly destroy them all - a timer starts when you damage the first. Take them all out to earn the token.

Hydra Agent

Fly to the roof of the building east of the Avenger's Mansion. Up here is a green dumpster and a cracked wall. Destroy them both to find a character token inside.


Immediately south of the Avenger's Mansion is this souvenir shop. Use Captain America to ascend the series of ladders and ledges to the building's roof. Up there are some laser turrets, use your shield to deflect the beam into the nearby gold fan. This reveals a shield slot - throw your shield into it to unlock a door at street level, giving you access to the character token.

Red Hulk

In the northwest corner of the Industrial District is a beam of light; step in to battle the Red Hulk. Take him out with another big character to generate a token.

Silver Samurai

You'll find this small glass maze on a rooftop in the Industrial District. Use a sensory character on all the glowing spots, then use a telekinetic character to drag the purple pawn through the maze. Once done, the Silver Samurai token will be revealed.


On a neighboring rooftop are several cars and basketball hoops. Destroy a hoop, and a timer starts. Use combination of Thor's hammer and a big character throwing the cars to take out the hoops within the time limit, and the Bullseye token will spawn.


In the southwest corner of West Harlem is this locked door. Head to the roof and bust up the gray box to reveal a claw switch. Activate it to open the storefront and reveal a cracked panel. Break through it to earn the Elektra token.


East of here is the Scrapyard, where you can spot this water tower. There are also seven cracked tiles in the area - learn where they are. Once you bust one, a timer starts. Take out all seven in time to spawn the She-Hulk token.

Power Man

East of here, you can enter a sketchy back alley in Yorkville. When you do, thugs will attack you. Take out 20 within the time limit to earn the Power Man token.


There's a series of storage units just north of Frisk Tower (marked by the diamond cane on the map). Look for this one with a car atop a lump of dirt. Bust up the car to find a dig spot, then use clawed character to dig up this token.

The Leader

Immediately southeast of here are two billboards. Look for some acrobatic panels where the billboards meet, then wall jump your way up to the token above.

Absorbing Man

Head southeast to find a construction site in the middle of Upper West Side. Destroy the silver manhole to free water geyser, bringing character token with it.

Squirrel Girl

Head to the Dockyard to find this locked chest atop a shed. Behind it are several dig spots; use a clawed character on them until you dig up a switch. This opens the silver doors around the shed, exposing a magnetic switch. Use a magnetic character to pull it and open the chest, revealing the character token.

Kraven the Hunter

Head to the Reptile House in Central Park. Use Hawkeye's arrows to hit all the targets above the water pit and spawn this token.


Look in the southwest corner of the upper section of Central Park. Here is a gold-locked chest covered in growth. Beat away the bush, then burn away the lock with a fire or laser-based character to expose this token.

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