Lego Jurassic World Red Brick locations guide

Lego Jurassic World Red Brick locations guide

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks are handy items to track down, as they basically function as cheats to provide you with significant boosts such as increasing your stud multiplier, providing access to infinite resources, or just changing the appearance of certain things in the game to mix it up. Some of these collectibles can be found in set locations, while for others you'll need to complete a minigame or series of actions in order to get them. To help with that I've provided instructions for how to find every Red Brick in Lego Jurassic World, so you can get unlocking those secret bonus options. This starts with the original Jurassic Park, or you can skip ahead to the other films below.

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks in Jurassic Park

There are seven red bricks to find dotted around the island.

Visitor Centre

Red Brick #1

Head around to the left of the building to find an electric switch.

Shoot it to open the door and head inside with a character using the illuminate ability to get the brick.

Dilophosaurus Territory

Red Brick #2

To the east of the paddock, you'll find a green rock that a Dilophosaurus can dissolve by spitting on it.

Water the plant that's revealed once the rock's out of the way to get your red brick.

Triceratops Territory

Red Brick #3

Head towards the shed where the Triceratops are hanging out, and destroy the crates to find pieces for a computer terminal.

Use a character with the hacking ability to interact with it and play the mini game to get the red brick.

Herbivore Territory

Red Brick #4

Break through the fallen tree with the Triceratops.

Head around to the left and break through the cracked wall.

Use a character with the illuminate ability to head inside the exposed pipe and get the red brick.

Carnivore Territory

Red Brick #5

The worker here is looking for three eggs.

Cut down the vines in front of the area where he's standing to find the first egg.

Head further into the enclosure and use a raptor to switch off the electric current running through the agility bars.

Swing across the bars and onto the tree stump to get the second egg.

To the right of where you found the first egg is a large block of amber. You can't spawn large dinosaurs here, so stick a T-rex. head onto a small or medium one back at the Visitor Centre, then roar to break it and get the last egg.

Hand in the eggs for the red brick.

Tyrannosaurus Territory

Red Brick #6

Spawn in a T.rex and head over to the left of pad to the large structure with T.rex bar on it.

Pull on the bar to break down the structure and gain access to the red brick.

Gallimimus Territory

Red Brick #7

Head over to the dino feeding machine.

Break the create to the left and reassemble it into a raptor handle for the front of the machine.

Turn the crank on the side, switch to the raptor, pull out the handle and release. Repeat this process until the red brick falls down the chute.

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