Lego Jurassic World Red Brick locations guide

Lego Jurassic World Red Bricks in Lost World: Jurassic Park

There are only three red bricks to find this time around.

Stegosaurus Territory

Red Brick #1

Charge the cracked block in this area to set off a timed challenge. The Triceratops probably isn't best for this, as after hitting three walls at the bottom, you need to jump onto the bouncy mushroom to hit the last two on the platform above, but you can quickly swap out for a human and switch back at the top.

There are two more walls to smash up here before you get the red brick.

Hunting Plains

Red Brick #2

Use the Gyrosphere to launch off the pad and break the destructible portion of wall on the central rock.

This will expose some amber, so spawn in a T.rex and use its roar to break it up.

Walk into the cliff face to get the red brick.

Long Grass

Red Brick #3

Along the edge of this area is a scent cloud. Follow the trail to the end to dig up a red brick.

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