Lego Jurassic World Workers in Peril guide

Lego Jurassic World Workers in Peril

The Lego Jurassic World Workers in Peril are hapless employees that have been caught up in various unfortunate situations, so it's up to you to do what you do best and rescue them before they can come to harm. Of course, wrangling dinosaurs is a dangerous and tricky business, so you'll need to figure out how to approach each situation to get the best outcome, but there is a handy reward of a Lego Jurassic World Gold Brick for each member of staff you rescue. To help you through this process, here's where to find and how to save all of the Workers in Peril in Lego Jurassic World.

Jurassic Park Workers In Peril

There are a total of nine workers in peril to be found in the first adventure. Here's where you can find them.

Visitor Centre

There are two workers in peril in the Visitor Centre for you to help out.

Worker in Peril #1

I had a bug with this one appearing (although I still got the gold brick). Head to the back of the Visitor Centre and use Jophery to juice up the electric panel on the wall to free the worker trapped under to door.

Worker in Peril #2

The second worker can be found dangling from the side of the building to the right of the entrance.

Switch to a raptor and jump up to the platform on the right.

Scale the wall with Billy or another character with this ability.

Use Alan's raptor claw to cut through the rope and rescue the worker.

Raptor Territory

This is just behind the Visitor Centre and you'll find another two workers to rescue.

Worker in Peril #3

Use a character with a crowbar to pry open the door near the entrance to the enclosure.

The worker is inside.

Worker in Peril #4

Switch to a character with a camera - like Nick van Owen - and head to the lower area.

Snap a picture to scare off the Raptor and save the day.

Herbivore Territory

Worker in Peril #5

Head into the enclosure from the road and pop down the stairs.

As you enter, you'll spot a worker dangling from a tree.

Cut him down using Grant's Raptor claw.

Tyrannosaurus Enclosure

Worker in Peril #6

Switch to a character that can use a crowbar and head over to the pooper.

Crank open the door to be a hero.

Tyrannosaurus Territory

Worker in Peril #7

Another bug here, but the worker is easier enough to find. Switch to the T-rex for this one.

There will be blocks of amber dotted around this area that you can destroy with a roar. Follow the cries of the trapped worker and break down the amber block to free him.

East Dock Route

Worker in Peril #8

Make your way down to the car at the bottom of the waterfall.

Using a character with a crowbar, pry open the door to save Dennis.

Tour Route Exit

Worker in Peril #9

If your game hasn't bugged out like mine did, you should spot this upturned car and it will be surrounded by a group of Compsognathus'. Use Eric Kirby to clear them and save the worker.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Workers in Peril

There are only three workers in peril to find in Lost World. It seems that not everyone gets more stupid in the sequel.

Hunting Plains

Worker in Peril #1

To the left of the central rock in this area with the destructible patch is a white car.

Use Eric Kirby to clear the Compys around it and save the worker in peril.

Hunter Camp

Worker in Peril #2

To the south of this area is a fallen tree with some vines to the left.

Chop through the vines using Grant's raptor claw.

Clear the Compys beyond with Eric to save the day.

Long Grass

Worker in Peril #3

The worker will be trapped under a car alongside the edge of this area, so go ahead and pull him out.

Jurassic Park 3 Workers in Peril

Now that the island has been abandoned, you'll only find three workers in need of rescuing here.

Spinosaurus Territory

Worker in Peril #1

There's a giant set of dino bones in this area with a T. rex bar attached just waiting to be grabbed.

Give it a tug to free the chap inside.

Crash Site

Worker in Peril #2

After you reach the crash site, you'll spot a tree with vines growing around it.

Use Grant's raptor claw to cut them away and reveal the rope.

Cut through the rope to rescue the worker.

Ankylosaurus Territory

Worker in Peril #3

You'll find a gentleman in need of a helping hand at the back left corner of this area. He's the last worker in peril on this island, so get him out and rejoice.

Jurassic World Workers in Peril

There are a total of five workers in peril to rescue in Jurassic World.

Main Street

Worker in Peril #1

The worker is trapped beneath the shutter in the cupcake shop.

Use the Raptor switch to the left to free him.

Indominus Territory

Worker in Peril #2

The first worker is dangling from a tree near the map point. Cut him down to save him.

Worker in Peril #3

Between the Aviary and Indominus Territory are two white points on the map. There should be a shipping container at the one closest to the Aviary that you can crowbar open to save the worker. My game bugged out again and the crate never appeared - although I still got the gold brick.

Isla Nublar Aviary

Worker in Peril #4

Onthe left side of the aviary is a downed chopper.

Use the switch to set the worker free.

Safari Plains

Worker in Peril #5

A worker is being terrorised at the edge of the area, close to the map point.

Spawn in a T-rex. to scare away the smaller dinosaurs.

Like any good protagonist, you've saved those employees from the very clutches of death itself. Now get them back to work. These dinosaurs aren't going to muck out their own paddocks.

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