Lego Jurassic World Minikit and Amber Fossil Brick locations guide

The Hunted - Attack on the Camp

This level kicks off with a T-Rex chase, so get limber up - there are three minikits to snatch up along the way.

Minikit #1

At the very start of the chase, keep to the left to pick up the minikit on the floor by the crates.

Minikit #2

The camera will switch to a side-on view of the chase before switching back. Once this happens, keep to the right. The minikit will be on the floor.

Minikit #3

At the end of the chase, you'll approach a waterfall. The minikit is floating in the air as you run towards it.

The Hunted - The Long Grass

It's out of the frying pan and into the fire as you enter the long grass and avoid packs of raptors.

Amber Fossil (Parasaurolophus) 

You need to rescue the five InGen hunters in peril to get the fossil. With the exception of the very first hunter, the rest will have to be saved to progress through the level. The first hunter is in the grass as you begin this section.

The second is selfishly getting savaged and blocking the path. Take a photo to scare off the raptor.

The third and fourth are once again blocking your route. Head towards the back area towards the pile of Lego pieces.

Dive into the poop to get all of the pieces you need to make the ice cream van. It'll clear out the raptors and you can save the hunters while shimmying onward through the level.

The last InGen hunter is on the path leading away from the clearing with a car. Snap a photo to get rid of the raptor and get your amber fossil.

Minikit #1

The path though the level will lead you to a log that you'll need to use a crowbar on to create a way forward.

Go in and to the left for the minikit.

Minikit #2 - Free Play Mode

At the beginning of the level, go left to find a backpack and switch to a character with the tracking ability.

Follow the trail to find minikit pieces and throw them together.

Minikit #3 - Free Play Mode

After scaring the raptor away with the lawnmower, switch to a character that can interact with the dig pile.

Build the resultant pile of bones into a projectile grappling hook to reach the minikit in the long grass.

Minikit #4 - Free Play Mode

Look out for an opening in the grass as you go along the path. Clear the Compys using Eric Kirby's pee bottles and build the minikit.

Minikit #5 - Free Play Mode

As you approach the raptor blocking the way near a chained crate, switch to a Dilophosaurus and destroy the black rock to the left of the boxes to find the minikit.

Minikit #6 - Free Play Mode

>When you reach the clearing with the car, pop over to the right and cut down the vines.

>Pry open the door beyond using a character with the crowbar.

Use a character with the illuminate ability to enter the cave and pick up the minikit.

Minikit #7 - Free Play Mode

Head to the bottom of the clearing where the car is to find a clump of white mushrooms.

Destroy them and follow the scent trail with a raptor.

Smash everything in the picnic area at the end of the trail and build a minikit from the debris.

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