Lego Jurassic World Minikit and Amber Fossil Brick locations guide

Isla Sorna - Eddie's Workshop

More dinosaurs. More screaming. More Jeff Goldblum. As we prepare to go back to the islands at Eddie's workshop, we can pick up five minikits along the way.

Minikit #1

Shoot the targets on the shelf to release the tyres.

Ride a tyre over to the left side of the workshop and park it in the spot next to the crank.

Turn the crank to get the minikit.

Minikit #2

Ride the high hide to the upper floor.

Use Nick van Owen to open the cupboard to the right to find the minikit.

Minikit #3 - Free Play Mode

There are three bins you need to locate and destroy dotted around the workshop. They'll each spew out a pile of bones that you need to reconstruct. The first bin is next to the paint table.

The second bin is in the second part of the workshop, accessible via the high hide, to the right of the steps.

The last bin is in the third section of the workshop, in the back left corner.

Minikit #4 - Free Play Mode

In the second workshop area is an electrical switch. Shoot it to turn off the steam coming out of the vent to the right.

Using a female character, hop up the wall using the pink protrusions and make your way to the right.

Navigate over and under the two agility bars.

The minikit is at the end.

Minikit #5 - Free Play Mode

To get the last minikit, shoot the electric switch beneath the stairs leading to the third area of the workshop.

This will activate the teleporter below it. Get out from underneath the stairs as fast as you can. Weirdness is coming, and you don't want to be backed into a corner when it catches up with you.

You'll be swarmed by dinosaur men from outer space. Or the convention down the road. Who knows. Just start clobbering until you slaughter 10 of them.

The minikit will materialise in the second teleporter on the right of the workshop when you've wrapped up your murder spree.

Isla Sorna - Finding Sarah

After you touch down at Isla Sorna, it's time to find some minikits. Oh, and Sarah. If it's on the way.

Minikit #1

There are three bird nests you need to shoot down for this minikit. The first is at the start of the level, above the log.

The second nest is to the right of the fallen tree trunk contraption.

The third nest is in the last area where the Stegosaurus' are lurking. It's to the left above the dig pile.

Minikit #2 - Free Play Mode

There are three giant piles of dino dung you have to root through to find the next minikit. The first is at the start of the level, to the right.

The second poop pile is on the floor beneath the nest we shot down earlier.

The last load is in the area where the Stegosaurus' are milling about.

Minikit #3 - Free Play Mode

There's a cracked wall below the log you use to access the upper area.

Switch to a dinosaur that can charge such walls and bash your way through to the minikit beyond.

Minikit #4

In the last section of the level is a dig pile directly below the nest to the left.

After interacting with it, switch to a character with the tracking skill.

At the end of the trail are the pieces for building yourself a lovely new minikit.

Isla Sorna - Stegosaurus Herd

Rather than a frenzied chase, you have to outsmart a Stegosaurus in close quarters. To make matters more difficult, you need to find an amber fossil and a minikit during the showdown.

Amber Fossil (Stegosaurus)

The Stegosaurus will lurch around before thumping its tail onto the ground, sending out shock waves. You need to lure it into destroying three objects in the arena. The first is the boulder to the left.

The second is another boulder, front and centre.

The third is a fallen tree to the right.

Minikit #1 - Free Play Mode

You'll need a character that can build things out of bones and someone with a gun. Destroy the bone pile at the back left of the arena.

Reconstruct the broken pieces into a crank and pick the opportune moment to start turning it.

A line of targets will appear that move along the log from left to right. They'll keep going around, so again, time your shots to take them down and nab the prize.

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