Lego Jurassic World Minikit and Amber Fossil Brick locations guide

Out of Bounds - Parking Garage

There are five minikits to find in the garage, and all of them are in free play mode.

Minikit #1 - Free Play Mode

Head to the far left to find the InGen panel.

When the door opens, you'll be swarmed by Compys.

Once you've taken care of them, you'll get the minikit.

Minikit #2 - Free Play Mode

After using the Compy to drop the parts in for a bounce pad, jump over the fence and head to the back where you'll find a storage cupboard.

Pry it open with a crowbar to find the minikit.

Minikit #3 - Free Play Mode

Dive into the poop pile outside to find pieces to build a minikit.

Minikit #4 - Free Play Mode

Staying outside, shoot the target to the right.

Track the steak to find the minikit at the end of the trail.

Minikit #5 - Free Play Mode

Climb up the LEGO wall at the back to reach the cave.

Using a character with the illuminate ability, head inside to find the minikit.

Out of Bounds - Indominus Escape

The Indominus Rex has escaped and that means we have an important job to do: find more minikits.

Minikit #1

Dive into the dino poop at the start of this area to find parts for a minikit.

Minikit #2

Next to the shelves on the right is an alcove. Run around in there until you pick up the minikit.

Minikit #3

You'll eventually reach an area with an agility wall and another steaming pile of dung.

There's a pallet holding minikit pieces hanging above, so just cut the rope in the corner to drop it.

Minikit #4 - Free Play Mode

When you leave the first building, you'll spot an tracking item on the floor by the scaffold.

The trail will take you back inside, where you'll find a watering spot.

The vine that sprouts up will part those that are dangling from the wall, revealing a minikit.

Minikit #5 - Free Play Mode

When you reach the area with the agility bar that you can slide under, switch to a character with a crowbar.

Crank open the gate to access the minikit.

Amber Fossil (Indominus Rex) - Free Play Mode

When you get to the area with the scanner, you'll see a butterfly resting on a flower to the right. It has target hanging off it, so you can't miss it. Obviously, you'll want to shoot it.

Follow the butterfly to the flower on the left and shoot that too.

The butterfly will flap off even further to the left. You need to cross the vine bridge to shoot the target. You'll be rewarded with an amber fossil.

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