The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds MaiaMia baby locations guide

Lake Hylia

Baby #40

Head to the ledge with the Racing Bro, then merge into the cliff wall. Move right to reach a ledge with a large boulder. Lift it to discover a baby beneath.

Baby #41

Hop into the water and swim towards the lake. As you round the curves of the stream, you'll spot this underwater near a ladder.

Baby #42

This is in the water immediately south of the House of Gales.

Baby #43

There's a lone tile in the northeast corner by the House of Gales. Use the Tornado Rod to flip it, revealing a baby.

Baby #44

This is on the cliff wall immediately outside of where you met Mother MaiaMia.

South Hyrule

Baby #45

In the southeast area is a pair of columns. Place a Bomb between them to reveal a cave opening. Head inside and bear straight to find a small body of water; the baby is in that water.

Baby #46

One of the columns just north has a baby atop it. Knock it loose with a Pegasus Boots charge.

Baby #47

This is in a small body of deep water next to Hyrule's equivalent of the Swamp Palace.

Desert of Mystery

Baby #48

Drop south from the Desert Palace weathervane. Use the Sand Rod here to dig up a baby.

Baby #49

Head to the northern section of the desert. Use the Sand Rod here to unearth another baby.

Baby #50

Hyrule's last baby is under a rock in the secluded part of the desert, the winding "swampy" part accessible from the east. Lift the boulders here to find it.