The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds MaiaMia baby locations guide

Hyrule Castle

Baby #1

This is on the wall behind Link's house.

Baby #2

Use the Pegasus Boots to ram into this tree just west of Link's house, and a baby will pop out. For more information on acquiring the Pegasus Boots, see our Piece of Heart locations guide.

Baby #3

This is found under a large boulder south of Link's house. To get there, you have to merge through a nearby rift to Lorule, then merge back through the other nearby rift.

Baby #4

This guy is on a tree just south of the Blacksmith, inside the enclosed woods area. Use a Pegasus Boots ram to knock him down.

Baby #5

Head to the Blacksmith and look at the left side of his house. See those tiles? You can blow them away with the Tornado Rod, revealing a baby underneath.

Baby #6

There are similar tiles just east of the Blacksmith. Use the Tornado Rod again to reveal another baby.

Baby #7

Just north of the Blacksmith are some trees. Target the one by this rock, then use a Pegasus Boots charge to shake a baby loose from its branches.

Baby #8

Use another Pegasus Boots charge on this tree along Hyrule Castle's west wall. Another baby will be shaken loose.

Kakariko Village

Baby #9

There are a pair of bushes in the northeast section of town. Slash them away to reveal a baby.

Baby #10

Right next to the previous baby is this purple house; you can get to the roof by using a Cucco from the northern end of town. Toss the rock away to reveal another baby.

Baby #11

Head to the cucco corral on the southern edge of town. Use the Sand Rod on the single dirt patch inside the fence to pull a baby out from below.

Baby #12

The Cucco Ranch is located just south of town. Use a Pegasus Boots charge on the tree next to the pen to shake a baby loose.

Baby #13

This is found within the Rupee Rush minigame. Merge along the southern edge of the area to find it.