LA Noire coming to PC this fall

Rockstar Games announced today that LA Noire is coming to PC this fall. According to Rockstar's press release, the Rockstar Leeds-developed PC version of LA Noire promises to "run on a wide range of PCs and feature customization, including keyboard remapping and gamepad functionality to both optimize and customize the performance and user experience. Along with increased fidelity and improved graphical enhancements, the PC version will feature 3D support for an even greater sense of interaction and immersion within a painstakingly detailed 1940s Los Angeles."

So ifnon-console gamers will now be able to put on their detective hats as Cole Phelps, why can't they put on their cowboy hats with a Red Dead Redemption PC port as well?Why, Rockstar, why?

LA Noire will be available for PC both digitally and via retail releasesometime this fall - we'll let you know when Rockstar announces an exact date. Until then,check out ourconsole versionsuper review.

Jun 23, 2011

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